Pride and Prejudice and Punishment

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Pride and Prejudice and Punishment

by Emily Wendling


“The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This story was written for entertainment purposes and for couples that want role-play ideas.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”


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Chapter 2


Sarah got up off the table and turned to Mr. Darcy.

“So, what happens now?” She said.

Mr. Darcy pulled his young bride close to him and his penis pushed the white lace of her dress between her legs. Elizabeth almost fainted. She was still utterly confused, the remains of her wedding day bliss still hanging on. But the grim reality was irrefutable. Her husband dragged her around the still kneeling Emily toward the table.

“What are you doing, Fitzwilliam?” Elizabeth whispered, sudden terror rising in her.

“I am going to make sure you know your place,” said Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth gasped. She tried to keep her dignity, turning to her husband.

“Release me,” she said urgently.

“This marriage is over. I’m going to get an annulment. I am not going to be married with a cheater like you.”

She struggled and tried to get away, but his grip on her arm was too strong and he effortlessly swung her around until she was almost forced to sit on the table.

“Don’t, you’re hurting me. Let me go!” she yelled.

Mr. Darcy laughed and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back. In front of her, she saw that Emily had peeled her panties off and Sarah had almost got one of her stockings down to her ankle. Finally, Elizabeth realized the desperate position she was in.

“I will scream,” she said.

Elizabeth’s hair almost pulled out of her head as she struggled.

Emily stuffed her panties into Elizabeth’s protesting mouth. Elizabeth almost threw up because of the smell of Emily’s vagina floated into her nostrils. She spluttered helplessly. Sarah came and tied the white stocking around Elizabeth’s face, knotting it behind her head. The panties were held snug and it was all Elizabeth could do to breathe. She stared at Mr. Darcy, tears rolling down her face, her whole world shattered. He turned her and held her arms behind his back.

Elizabeth struggled and protested. She gazed angrily as Sarah came forward and slowly undid the top button of her white bridal dress. She screamed at the top of her lungs, but the panties muffled the sound and only a strange gurgle came out. Sarah grinned and undid the next button. Elizabeth’s chest heaved as she struggled, but Mr. Darcy was strong as he brutally wrenched her arms back, pushing her breasts out even farther.

Sarah slithered the top of Elizabeth’s white dress open. That did not yet reveal her breasts. Sarah was playing with the frightened bride. She opened her inch by inch to their lascivious gazes. The next button came undone. Elizabeth moaned and wrenched her body as hard as she could, but nothing broke Mr. Darcy’s iron grip. Sarah slid the lacy sides of her dress apart and finally the clasp of Elizabeth’s little white bra was exposed. Sarah smiled again, her finger on the next button.

“Let’s see these precious things,” she taunted Elizabeth.

She parted the next button and now only the fragile material of the bra protected Elizabeth’s innocent breasts. Sarah spread the dress until she could run her hands over the bra. She played with the clasp between Elizabeth’s swelled breasts. Abruptly, she undid the clasp and Elizabeth broke into hysterical floods of tears. Her luscious young breasts jumped out of the bra, and Sarah eased the bra and her dress aside until they were totally open.

“Wow,” said Emily.

She reached in and twisted Elizabeth’s nipple. Elizabeth’s breasts were indeed wonderful. The swelled breasts had only a slight curve to the underside and the nipples were tiny and pink. Elizabeth’s nipples stood out in the cold room and Emily ran her fingers over them, urging them to stand out more. She twisted Elizabeth’s nipples hard and the young girl moved back against her husband.

He held Elizabeth’s wrists effortlessly in one hand and leaned over her shoulder. His hard fingers played with her breasts. He held them and tested how they felt. He took one nipple between his fingers and tightened his grip, slowly, relentlessly until his bride was screaming into the panties that blocked her mouth and her body shook with the pain.

He let go unexpectedly, then spun Elizabeth around and shoved her face down over the table. Elizabeth’s head was clouded with pain and shame. She could not believe that she was about to experience the same treatment as Emily had got.

His hand pinned her to the table by the small of her back. She felt the rough wood of the table on her breasts. Suddenly she felt hands tying a rope around her ankles and securing it to the leg of the table. Then she felt hands move up her leg. She screamed again into the gag. She wriggled on the table, but the hands reached her knee and put another stocking around it.

Then she felt her dress being lifted until it was clear of her knees. Elizabeth moaned as the stocking held her knee to the table leg and she was rendered helpless. The two girls moved to her other ankle, securing another stocking around it.

Horror filled Elizabeth. Then she felt the hard leather of Mr. Darcy’s belt going around her other knee. As the girls tightened it. This forced Elizabeth’s thighs wider apart. She panted at the realization that her virgin vagina would be open and vulnerable to their depraved actions. She tried to yell, but Mr. Darcy held her down, and it was clear that he was by no means finished with her.

“Keep her down,” he said.

The two girls came around and held Elizabeth. Sarah pushed down on her shoulders and Emily held her by the hair. Elizabeth sensed thin leather thongs being secured around her thumbs and then down her fingers, each in turn, until her arms were helpless as well as her legs.

“This should do it, go get the carrot.” said Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth did not understand, but she heard Sarah’s movements as she hurried away. Emily took her hair and pulled Elizabeth’s face up to her.

“You will get your punishment now,” she said, and her hands roved over Elizabeth’s breasts.

Elizabeth tried to withdraw her breasts away from Emily, but the girl just laughed at her and slapped her across the face.

“Oh behave,” she said.
Emily held Elizabeth’s hair while she slapped her again. Elizabeth heard Mr. Darcy come back into the room, and suddenly he stood in front of her, a long thin wooden rod in his hand.

“Now, Elizabeth, you see this stock?” Mr. Darcy said.

He waved it in Elizabeth’s face.

“I’m going to spank you with this until you agree to come downstairs with us, say farewell to all your guests and we make sure they go. So, all you must do is gesture us, real hard so we know. Understand?” Mr. Darcy said.

Elizabeth gazed at her husband, then at the cane. Her stomach twisted with fear. He was going to spank her with that thin wood, but she would never give in.

“Oh well, guess we will have to do it the hard way” said Mr. Darcy.

He walked around the table. Elizabeth found herself tensed for the agony she knew was coming. Mr. Darcy bent down and slowly lifted the hem of her dress up over her knees, his hands running over her buttocks.

Elizabeth moaned and struggled on the table, but he continued. He pulled the dress up, over her stocking tops and then tossed it over her buttocks and onto her back. Her butt cheeks were totally revealed, and with her thighs so spread out, her vagina was also open to him.

“I got it, I got two hands.” said Emily.

Emily reached over Elizabeth’s shoulders and grabbed the hem of the wonderful bridal gown. She pulled it up until it was over Elizabeth’s head, and Emily could hold it and Elizabeth together.

“She is good to go.” Emily said.

Elizabeth sighed. She tried to push the panties in her mouth out so that she could scream for help. But it was not very successful. The panties managed to block her mouth very efficiently. Then Elizabeth really did scream. The most unbearable pain broke across her stretched buttocks. Mr. Darcy had hit the thin cane over them and the sound echoed around the room. Elizabeth jumped on the table, her mouth wide as she screamed into the gag.

He swung his hand down again and Elizabeth rolled on the table. Tears flooded down her cheeks and staining around her face. Each stroke of the cane on her helpless buttocks doubled the anguish. Elizabeth’s sheltered life did not know pain like that existed. It burned out of her tight cheeks. Her thin white panties were no protection at all from the furious spanking. Another stroke laid an additional line of red pain across her flesh, and her head twisted in agony.

“Let us know when you are ready to cooperate,” said Mr. Darcy as the thin rod spanked his bride’s innocent flesh.

Elizabeth screamed as the pain soared from her buttocks and up into her body. Her lungs were sore from screaming, and her stomach twisted in knots that threatened to drive her insane with terror. Mr. Darcy spanked her ass, his arm swung high in the air before it came crashing down. It laid extra lines of red flesh into her ass.

“Ready to cooperate?” he asked.

Elizabeth could not reason anymore. The pain and humiliation she was suffering had driven all of that out of her mind. Her hair hurt as Emily held her down on the table, but that was the least of her pain. Her buttocks were on fire. Each stroke was like an explosion, surging over her helpless body. She knew she would faint if it went on much longer.

Mr. Darcy was an expert. He knew how much she could take. His strokes became slower, but harder. He allowed his young wife a few seconds to recover before spanking her again. Elizabeth struggled, but nothing could stop the cruel beating. Somehow, she was aware that Sarah had come back into the room.

“I had to tell everyone that the innocent bride was fixing her hair and would be down soon.” Sarah said.

“Ready to cooperate?” Mr. Darcy yelled.

The thin rod smack into Elizabeth’s buttocks again. The agony erupted and Elizabeth gasped for air as she screamed. But, somehow, it cleared her head. She would nod, nod as hard as they wanted. Then, when they got downstairs, it would be simple. She would run to her mother and the nightmare would be over.

“Nod!” Mr. Darcy yelled as he spanked his wife again.

Elizabeth nodded. She pulled her head against Emily’s grip on her hair. She nodded as hard as she could. She bobbed her head up and down.

“Was that yes?” Mr. Darcy said.

Elizabeth bobbed her head up and down again, kept on until the cane stopped hitting her buttocks and Mr. Darcy stepped back satisfied.

“Wonderful,” he said.

He grabbed Elizabeth’s hair in his hands.

“Now, don’t think I am so stupid as to think you will keep to that.” He was grinning all the time.

He knew Elizabeth was feisty and clever. She would come up with a scheme to escape.

“As soon as we are downstairs, you will run to that mother of yours, screaming about how your husband is an animal and you want to go home.” He laughed into Elizabeth’s frightened face.

“However, I have something here to persuade you not to.” He said.

He took out a thick carrot and Elizabeth felt herself cringing in new fear. It was nearly as big as Mr. Darcy’s real penis. Elizabeth bursts into fresh tears. Sarah pulled her panties aside. She moved her fingers in search for the virgin entrance to Elizabeth’s pussy. Elizabeth screamed and shouted at her husband, but it did not do any good. He held her while his friend slid her finger around the tight entrance to Elizabeth’s vagina.

“She is bone dry,” said Sarah.

“Give her a chance. She will get wet soon,” said Mr. Darcy.

Sarah laughed and her finger pushed inside the tight vagina. Elizabeth struggled as Sarah shoved hard and forced her way in. The pain surged from the walls of her virgin pussy. It was not as bad as the pain of the whip, but the humiliation more than made up for it. Elizabeth felt Sarah force her finger in until she came up against the tight skin of Elizabeth’s virginity.

“She is a virgin for sure,” said Sarah.

Elizabeth knew she was going to be sick. He was threatening to push that terrible carrot into her ass? The man was utterly crazy. Why did she agree to marry him? Why could she not see the danger signs?

“Yes,” said Mr. Darcy.

“I would rather not spoil the cherry.” He said.

He left his weeping bride and went over to where leather straps lay on the floor. He came back, attaching the carrot to a cup in the straps.

“You’ll wear this when we go downstairs.” He said.

He presented Elizabeth the terrible thing again.

“If you do anything to spoil our farewells, then I will shove this up your ass.” He said.

Elizabeth’s stifled pleas for mercy were no use at all. Elizabeth thought about her situation, she screamed and passed out.

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