Orcs Versus Elves

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Orcs Versus Elves

by Emily Wendling


“The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This story was written for entertainment purposes and for couples that want role-play ideas.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”


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Lilith is a young, gorgeous female elf from the region of langmish. She is an adventurer at heart, unlike her parents who were politicians. She had always been curious as to what happened to the Dwarves in Lorsen Mountains. Her parents had always forbidden her from travelling to that region, alone or otherwise. But what young blood is wise enough to heed their parent’s advice?
Besides, she has traveled alone to the outskirts of that region multiple times already. Along the way, she has engaged with multiple packs of orcs on various occasions. Her skill with bows and the blade has served her well. Her quickness allowed her to outrun them when she needed to flee.

The fifth trip was an ill-fated trip. The moment Lilith left the Elven fortress, she was tracked by some of the orc’s she had skirmished in the past. Usually, Lilith would kill ten to eleven Orc’s then flee. This time though, the Orc’s brought close to two hundred and she is overwhelmed and captured. Will she survived what they have planned for her?


Chapter 1


“Choke on my cock, Lilith!” the orc leader commanded.

He slapped Lilith’s beautiful tear covered face with his thick cock.

“Hurry up and swallow some orc cock, you pathetic elf slut!”

Lilith was bent over like an animal in the middle of the mob of orcs. It seemed to the beautiful young elf that every orc existing Lorsen Mountains must have gathered around her. They were mauling her tender young body through her blue and gold elf uniform. The orcs clawed at her breasts and slapped her buttocks. They squeezed her long lean legs. orcs pinned her forearms and calves. This hurt her terribly and kept her pinned in her degrading position.

It was more than the innocent recruit could stand and she cried out in agony and protest as the orcs manhandled her sexy young body. Moments before she had been heading home from her exploration of Darkus Mines. She was warned not to travel alone, but her eagerness to prove herself to her commanders made her reckless. Now a crowd of at least fifty orcs had pulled her into the narrow space between two rocks. The group forced her down on her hands and knees and were taking liberties with her body. Lilith began to cry even more. She sensed that she was not going to escape from these monsters unscathed.

“There you go, elf scum!” The orc Leader shouted.

The senior commander is named Clog. He pushed his cock through the oval ring of Lilith’s mouth the moment she opened her mouth to cry.

“Choke the Elf!” The crowd shouted.

Lilith gagged and howled with revulsion as Clog’s fat cock stretched her lips and pushed her jaws wide apart. She tried to jerk her head away, but the orcs held her so tightly that she could barely move a muscle. There was nothing Lilith could do as Clog pushed his oversized cock over her tongue and into the warm wet cavity of her mouth.

“Look at the silly little elf take cock!” Clog shouted with a smile.

He pulled Lilith’s head onward by her ears and pumping his hips at her face as though he was fucking a vagina instead of a mouth.

“She loves it! I told you guys that all these elves were nothing but slutty whores!” An orc shouted.

Clog gritted his teeth with pleasure as he held Lilith’s head in place. He salivated her beautiful face on the entire length of his prick. Her lips were stretched obscenely around the atrocious circumference of his cock. Lilith’s throat worked convulsively in a vain and desperate attempt to expel the inches of wrist sized cock that was moving down her gullet. Clog drove relentlessly forward and fed her the entire length of his huge cock. By the time his balls were hanging over her pretty chin, Lilith was gagging and thrashing wildly. Her face was turning white with shock.

“None of those little elf weaklings have cocks this size, do they?” Vergu Said.

He was another of the senior orc at the site. He was tall, green, and monstrous in appearance. As the orc spoke, he flopped out a thick veined cock that was every bit as long as Clog’s.

“And you are never going to forget the fun you are going to have today!” Vergu said.

Vergu and Clog winked at each other as Vergu dropped to his knees behind the beautiful Lilith. They glanced at a couple of the other orcs in the crowd. There was not a single ugly female among this elf clan, but Lilith was easily the most attractive. Lilith had the most beautiful face that the orcs had ever seen. Her eyes were shaped almonds. Her cheeks high and perfect. Her lips were so full and sensual that every orc wanted her. Clog had talked to admitted that his fondest dream was to stick his cock between them.

Lilith was young and naturally had a perfect body. Through her intense training her body was trimmed and toned. Her legs were her best feature. Her thighs were creamy and tuned muscles. Her calves were perfectly turned and perfectly shaped. Even her ankles and feet were flawless. But if Lilith’s legs were her best feature, her buttocks were not far behind. Lilith was a very thin elf, but her buttocks was a shaped properly. It swept out beautifully from the long, shapely pillars of her legs, then swept back in to a waist that was long and narrow. Lilith’s breasts were not large, but for an elf as slender as she was, they were bigger than average.

But the size of Lilith’s breasts was not what was remarkable about them. It was their shape. Lilith’s breasts were perfect, up thrust cones. They stood out from her chest like firm coconuts. They were so perky that they seemed to beg to be taken into a hand or mouth. They also begged be crushed together around a thick cock. Her nipples were bright pink.

Now she was trapped on her hands and knees in a space no more than ten feet wide. Her dark hair was ruffled. Her uniform was pulled up under her arms. It bared her long and lean torso and her perky breasts. There were orcs pushing their knees into her forearms and calves. This made her tremble with agony. There was a big orc cock poking her face and stretching her lips wide. Lilith jerked and twisted hysterically against the orcs who held her. She struggled in hopeless attempt to escape. Lilith was gagging and gasping for breath. Her face was pale and she was crying her eyes out. Even in her distraught state, she was still the hottest elf any of the orcs had ever seen.

“That’s it, elf,” Vergu shouted.

He flipped her short elf skirt up over her behind and then ripped off her panties. Lilith screamed around the throat-clogging girth of Clog’s cock. She the felt the first pressure of Vergu’s cock against the pink lips of her pussy. She thrashed like a mad woman, almost throwing off the orcs who pinned her arms and legs to the ground. She arched her back and swung her white buttocks in every direction, but there was nothing she could do to escape Vergu’s big cock. He slammed his fist into the lower area of her back so hard that for an instant Lilith was paralyzed. Then Vergu pushed his fat cock inside her.

“I’m a virgin! No! Why are you doing this?” Lilith screamed around the fat cock.

Vergu closed his eyes against the pleasure of Lilith’s fabulously tight and extremely hot vagina. His cock was bigger than the tiny pink mouth of her pussy and as he pushed his fat cock inside her vagina they stretched almost to the point of tearing. Lilith was a tall elf, but her vagina was tiny. Vergu had fucked no more than three inches of his cock into Lilith’s tiny vagina when he hit the fleshy wall of her cherry. It didn’t stop him.

Lilith stopped thrashing when Vergu tore her cherry to pieces. At first it felt as though it was stretching. Then it gave way with a rush and then something hot and wet filled Lilith’s tiny vagina. When she realized it was her blood, she almost passed out. Lilith had avoided orcs while traveling through this area many times. She got so confident that she didn’t even notice the signs that she was being tracked.

Vergu dug his strong hands into Lilith’s silky hips and pushed his cock in. Lilith was trembling like an injured fawn and her fine muscles drawn tight as bow strings. Her creamy skin dotted with gooseflesh and her beautiful face pale as if she were dying. Lilith’s vagina though, was reacting as though it loved everything his big cock was doing to it. Vergu backed out a couple inches and thrusted into her again. The cock stretched the tight elastic walls of her pussy and Lilith gasped and shivered as though she were dying. Vergu rabbit-fucked her with short, hard strokes until her tight, tiny pussy was taking every inch he had to give.

Clog was fucking her mouth with just as much vigor as Vergu was fucking her vagina. He clubbed his large cock back and forth through the obstructive tunnel of her throat. He delighted in the way her gagged reflexes made it constrict around the cock. Lilith’s mouth was filled with saliva, and her saliva flowed back down Clog’s cock in sparkling rivers. She was swallowing convulsively in a vain attempt to clear her mouth of the saliva. Every time she did, her tongue rubbed over the sensitive underside of Clog’s cock. He knew that he was going to cum very soon.

“Lick it!” He shouted.

He pulled back until his large saliva slicked tip was resting against Lilith’s lush lips.

“Lick that big beautiful cock! Lick it and kiss it and make it cum all over your nasty little face!” He shouted.

Lilith gasped for air and screamed with pain each time Vergu’s cock pushed inside her tiny vagina. She looked up at Clog with a sick despair and hoped that he would have mercy on her. Her mouth was already white with the slimy taste of his sperm. The taste of pre-cum and the bland taste of his cock were already making it a struggle for her to keep from vomiting.

“I didn’t tell you to slow down!” He shouted.

He grinned when he saw her pleading stare.

Clog smashed his hand down on top of Lilith’s head to prove that he was serious. He beat her until she was weaving from side to side. She was dizzy and almost unconscious from the repeated blows. Lilith wished she could pass out to escape the brutal assault Vergu was giving her and the disgusting task of licking and kissing Clog’s cock. But after a dozen blows Clog stopped hitting her and slapped his heavy, saliva soaked cock back against her cheek.

“Don’t slow down again.” He said.

He was pulling on her long, beautiful nipples until she thought he was going to tear them off her body.

“Come on, stick out your pretty pink tongue and lick all over that cock!” He ordered.

Lilith cried uncontrollably, but she stuck her tongue out between her full lips and brushed it over the slimy head of Clog’s dick. Clog moaned with pleasure as Lilith licked up the cool pre-cum. He angled his cock so that it crossed the bridge of Lilith’s nose, and when the trembling beauty ran her tongue over the underside of his cock, he almost came.

“Kiss it” He ordered.

He plopped his cock right against her lips.

“Give it a nice kiss, you dirty little slut!” He said.

Lilith ran her tongue all over the bulging head of the cock and then pursed her sexy lips. She then gave the mushroom head a lingering wet kiss. She teased her tongue over the deep cleft of the cock and tasting his sperm as it leaked from the tiny hole. And as she kissed the large head, she sucked on it gently and applied suction to just the tip.

“Where did you learn how to do that? You elves are such dirty sluts.” Clog said.

He twisted his hands in Lilith’s silky hair and pressed her face into his crotch. A moment later Lilith felt the first blast of cum against her full pouting lips. Cum spurted into her mouth and painted her soft pink tongue a dirty shade of silver. Cum frosted her lips like lipstick. Cum dripped down from her chin in long stringy strands.

“All right, Clog!” Vergu shouted.

Vergu fucked Lilith more brutally than ever. He swung his hips from side to side to plunge his savaging cock into her from different angles.

“Get ready for some more sperm! I’m going to cum in little vagina!” He shouted.

Clog sprayed cum against Lilith’s lips. He filled her mouth and fouled her beautiful face. His cock was jerking wildly with each powerful discharge. On the third blasted the cock jerked up and away from her lips. Lilith recoiled in shame and disgust as Clog’s spewing cock sprayed sperm right up her nose. The next blast glued Lilith’s right eye shut and left gooey globs of cum hanging from her long eye lashes. Cum drooled down her cheeks and rolled down the sides of her nose. Lilith coughed out the sperm that had shot up her nose and a mouthful of cum poured out between her moistly parted lips.

“What a dirty slut!” Vergu shouted gleefully.

He leaned down over Lilith’s bowed back and pounded his cock into her.

“You elves are going to learn your fucking place!” He screamed.

Lilith grunted with each brutal jab of Vergu’s long cock. He was wrecking her tiny vagina. He ripped through the ragged remnants of her cherry and stretched the tiny pocket of her pussy until it tore with the strain. Her vagina was filled with blood and pussy juice as her inexperienced young body tried desperately to cope with the gigantic cock that was throbbing inside her. Vergu crushed Lilith’s slim young body beneath his brutally huge frame.

“I’m going to cum!” Vergu screamed.

He grabbed Lilith’s pert breasts and smashed them flat against her chest. He looped his powerful legs around her silky thighs and pounded her slender young body with powerful strokes. Lilith’s sultry body collapsed with Vergu’s weight and the overwhelming assault of his rapid fucking. Her face slid down and his last drops of cum left silver stains in her lustrous hair. Clog wiped his cock clean in her hair and as soon as he moved away, another orc dropped down in front of her to take his place.

“No!” Lilith screamed.

She shook her head as the orc pulled her up by her hair.

“Please pull out! Vergu, please, I’ll do anything, but please don’t cum inside my pussy! Please don’t make me have a baby!” Lilith shrieked.

Lilith did not want a half-orc, half-elf baby. The orcs would not accept the offspring and neither would the elves. Lilith had dreamed about the day she would give up her virginity to the elf she married. Already that dream was shattered, pierced and ruined by Vergu’s spearing cock. Now he was going to cum and pollute her pristine body with his filthy sperm. The orcs had violated her at both ends already and now Vergu was going to consummate her with his sperm. He was going to squirt billions of his sperm up inside her and any one of them could make her pregnant. Vergu grunted in victory. He gnawed on the back of her neck.

He then pulled and smashed her breasts until they were almost numb with pain. Vergu fucked her faster and harder until his muscular buttocks was a blur as he rocked her slim frame with savage strokes. His cock was moving no more than a few inches back and forth inside her battered vagina. The friction he was getting from her stretched vagina was bringing his cum scorching up from his balls.

“You love it, Lilith!” he gasped.

He hugged her slender young body so tight against his own that the beautiful elf could barely breathe.

“You are nothing but a cock slut! Elves like you need big orc cocks!” The orc shouted.

Lilith screamed in disgust at Vergu’s words. She then screamed in horror as his cum exploded inside her tiny vagina. Her pussy felt rubbed raw by the rapid friction of his long prick. She could feel his cum squirting up inside her womb. She felt as though she had been polluted with some deadly toxic waste. Vergu’s sperm was so hot and slimy that Lilith’s sleek young body shook with disgust. Her vagina felt like a sponge as it soaked up every drop of Vergu’s horrible sperm. Lilith cried in revulsion. She wished desperately that there was some way she could stop her pussy from absorbing his tainted seed.

Hoping against hope that it would not make a baby up inside her. But hope disappeared when she realized that there were more orcs waiting to fill her full of their sperm. What was worse was that there was nothing she could do to stop the fact that she was soon going to be swimming in sperm. But suddenly she was trembling with another feeling. Her clit had been rubbed too hard for too long for Lilith not to feel something.

Burning pleasure spiked through her brutalized vagina as Vergu’s cum filled her up. Lilith could not keep her sweet young buttocks from jerking back against Vergu’s thrusting cock. She could not stop her pale pink folds from quivering around the thick cock of orc. A glut of sticky sperm rolled down her trembling, luscious thighs. The pleasure was so sudden and unexpected that before Lilith could stop herself, she was gasping with lust and bucking her hips from side to side in a frenzied bump and grind.

“The elf slut is getting off!” One of the orcs shouted.

Lilith glanced around and saw dozens of leering faces. She also saw dozens of hard throbbing cocks. The orc who had taken Clog’s place jerked her face around and rubbed his leaking cock all over her pert nose and full lips. Lilith’s beautiful face was already plastered with cum, and she barely noticed the new coat of sperm the orc was laying on her. His cock wasn’t half the size of Clog’s, and when he stuffed the head between her lips, Lilith sucked him to the base with ease. She even wrapped her lips around the crinkled bag of his balls, almost popping one inside her mouth alongside the orc’s cock.

Vergu’s hard stomach slapped against her lush buttocks with loud smacking noises. The other orcs gathered around and made lewd comments. They shouted about the way Lilith’s sexy and lean thighs shuddered the impact. They mocked her for bucking back against Vergu’s brutal lunges. They laughed at the gooey mix of sperm and vagina juice that soaked Vergu’s cock. The substance which dripped from the gaped folds Lilith’s pussy. Vergu pulled out of Lilith’s vagina and quickly ran around to her face.

The other orc pulled his cock out of her mouth so that Vergu could plunge his sloppy prick between Lilith’s open mouths. Five inches of Vergu’s hideous cock were inside her mouth before the dazed beauty knew what was happening. She gagged and tried to pull her mouth off the disgusting spear of flesh, but it was far too late. Vergu plunged his cock all the way down Lilith’s tight little throat. She choked. She could taste gooey mix of pussy juice and sperm that coated his prick.

Another orc dropped to his knees behind her and plunged his seven-inch cock fully into Lilith’s rapidly shrinking pussy in one swift stroke. Lilith sagged forward and gasped with pain. Suddenly the taste of Vergu’s cock didn’t seem so awful. She sucked it lovingly. The knowledge that his prick was soaked with her pussy juice still made Lilith’s stomach roil with disgust, but the renewed friction against her wriggling clit fogged her head and made her sweet young body burn with passion. She licked and sucked every drop of juice off his thick prick.

And then the other orc was back and Lilith lathered his cock with her pink tongue. She moved her lips up and down his skinny cock. Her cheeks hollowed as she applied suction to his thin cock. She washed his prick with her saliva, swirling her slobber into a tiny whirlpool around the hard rod of his cock. Lilith bucked and twisted against the orc who was using her vagina. His cock was nowhere near as big as Vergu’s. He was also far less expert in its use, but Lilith was on fire now. She squeezed her battered pussy against the plunging cock while she swung her buttocks in a sexy motion.

“She loves it!” An orc shouted.

He jerked one of Lilith’s hands out from under her, and she almost fell. Another orc did the same on her other side. Lilith had to crouch back on her knees and bounce against the cock that was fucking her pussy.

“The dirty little elf loves getting gangbanged! She is getting off thinking about taking us all on!” Another orc yelled.

“She’s got the slutty little body to do it too. With that creamy buttocks and those sexy little breasts, she could turn on an undead!” Vergu said.

“And we have the cocks. Two hundred big hard cocks. All waiting to fuck the shit out of this elf slut.” the orc fucking her said.

He groaned with delight as she bounced up and down on his stiff prick.

Lilith moaned with shame and passion as the orcs talked about her. They cursed her and fucked her helpless, beautiful body. She felt degraded beyond measure by the way her body was responding to the brutal gangbang. But she was also filled with sexual excitement and she was nearing the first orgasm of her life. Just as certain as she was that she would soon have a baby up inside her, she was also certain that she was soon going have an orgasm while they used her. She was totally helpless to stop either thing from happening.

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