Jungle Fever

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Jungle Fever

by Emily Wendling


“The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This story was written for entertainment purposes and for couples that want role-play ideas.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”


Categories: Multiple Male on Multiple Female (M+/+F), Forced, BDSM, Bondage, Gangbang, Interracial (Black Men/White Women-BMWW)

Sex Type: Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Cunnilingus, Deepthroat Double Penetration


Laura and Madeleine were two different white women from different sectors of life. They both graduated with Bachelor’s from different universities. Laura married her high school sweetheart and became an office manager. Madeleine became a policewoman and got married also. Little did they know that they had a common interest that cause their lives to intersect.


Chapter 1


Leah could still remember the first time she was taken by a black man. It was a couple of weeks ago, but she could still remember like it was yesterday. The brother’s name was Javorius. Javorius had used his massive cock to stretch her tight pussy. Now, all Leah could think about was his large black cock tearing her again. Javorius had warned her that nothing would be the same after she went black. Leah now knew that to be the truth. She had so many orgasms as the thick black cock pounded her, she could not even count them. Her outlook on life changed with this black man. She no longer wore panty hose. Leah chose instead to wear nylons that would not get between her pussy and future black cocks that wanted to fuck. Leah also left an extra button undone to display perky breasts.

It was 6:30 pm and Leah was hesitant going home. She sat at her office desk staring at her smart phone. She didn’t feel like going home and seeing her husband. She knew he was always horny and wanted to sex. However, after Javorius, small white cocks just would not do. Her husband had never given her an orgasm in all the years they were married. Now with the knowledge of what a big black cock can do, how could she ever go back? The thought of a big black cock using her mouth and pussy brought a smile to her lips.

Leah sighed, it was time to go home to her husband. She got up and walked out of the office and locked the door. Javorius, Jarell, Bam and Kamalei sat in their 86 Buick, waiting in the office parking garage. They smoked weed and waited petulantly for Leah to leave the office. Their Buick parked next to Leah’s car.

“When is the white bitch coming out?” Jarell asked.

He rubbed his crotch as he leaned back in his seat and took another puff.

“Be patient motherfucker. This is my treat, so if you don’t like it you can leave!” Javorius replied.

He was annoyed with Jarell’s complaining. What an ungrateful bastard. This nigger is so fucking ugly he could not get hood rats let alone white chicks. Nigger should be thankful, not complaining, Javorius said to himself.

“I can’t wait to get some white pussy!” Kamalei said excitedly.

“Me too,” Javorius answered.

“I want to fuck the white girl in the ass, never had it before.” Bam said.

Leah’s pulse skipped a beat when she saw the four black men sitting in their Buick, parked next to her car. She was scared, yet aroused at the same time. She knew that they were focused on her as she walked to her car. As she got close to the car, they got out and surrounded her car.

“Can I help you with something?” Leah asked.

She tried to step past Bam to the driver’s door of her car.

“My husband is waiting, I really need to get home.” She said.

The black men jumped on Leah like a pack of lions. They were a smooth, perfectly functioning pack. Leah was grabbed around the waist by Jarell. Bam’s pulled out a rope tied her wrists securely behind her back.

“Gag her mouth with the rag!” Javorius instructed.

Kamalei used the rag to gag Leah. Leah struggled against the black men. She did not scream and had no intention of doing so. She knew she was going to get gangbanged. Leah could not think of anything more exciting or erotic than getting gangbanged by some ghetto thugs. Leah was thrilled. Her mind race through all the possibilities of actions that these black men would make her do. They are going to use her. She could not wait to be used as a sex toy to these thugs. They will make her perform things her prude husband would never engage in.

The black men drove Leah through the city and finally pulled the Buick up to a deserted section 8 housing. The building was an enormous ten story brick building. It had been in disrepair for many years and was condemned. The building was assigned for destruction. It was mostly deserted now. The building was in a rundown area of the city. It was far removed from anyone who might come to Leah’s aid. Even cops would not dare to enter this neighborhood. Leah’s hands were untied but the gag was left in place as she was brought. Leah struggled and kicked as she was dragged into the building.

“Use those ropes to tie the bitch up!” Javorius ordered.

Leah was dragged to a huge room. It was dusty and littered with rubble. Leah scanned the area quickly and her sense of repulsion. She came from upper middle class so she was not used to such a desolate and trashed place. In the center of the room an old dirty mattress laying on top of a metal frame. There was a metal panel protruding from the wall and a long chain with a large studded dog collar.

The black men did not waste time confiscating all of Leah clothes. When she was completely nude, they once again tied her up. Her wrists were bound behind her back and her ankles were tied together. A third length of rope was used to tie her hands to her feet.

“You’ll never get away with this,” Leah said.

The black men ignored her. Javorius pulled his shirt off and threw it on a broken 1970’s TV. He then stepped out of his pants. Inside the room there were other old furniture’s that even thieves did not want. To Leah, it looked like the apartment was abandoned sometime during the seventies. Leah watched the four black men undress and her heart skipped a beat as she knelt on the cement floor. Leah was shocked by what she saw. All four black men had nice big thick cocks hanging between their legs. Leah, after seeing the four large black cocks knew that she would have multiple orgasms before this was through. And knowing that she would soon multiple orgasms made her shiver all over.

“Wow, my first what chick!” Bam said.

Bam stroked his cock as he advanced toward Leah.

“I thought you said you had a white girlfriend?” Jarell said.

“He’s a stupid lying nigger. He ain’t never had a chick of any race, let alone a white one!” Javorius said.

“You keep your hands off me!” Leah shouted.

She struggled against the ropes with all her might.

“Move! I’m the alpha and I get first dibs” Javorius said.

Leah was on her knees with her hands and feet tied. She watched Javorius approach her. Her eyes were soft and hazy as she viewed his king size cock. His cock swung from his body. It sagged down slightly from its own weight. The sight made Leah’s mouth watery.

“Leave me alone!” Leah said.

Leah moved her head and looked away from the thug. Leah saw Javorius’s feet at either side of her knees. When he reached down and cupped her chin in his hand, she did not fight as he raised her face.

“Time to suck whitey,” Javorius said.

The head of his cock was the size of her mouth. It placed itself against her lips. Leah’s tongue sneaked slowly from between her lips and grazed over the smooth head. She closed her eyes. Leah let her tongue dance over his cock. Leah’s full lips parted and she nipped at the tip with her teeth. When Javorius pushed forward a bit, his cock stretched her lips as she accepted his cock into her mouth. Leah looked up as she continued to suck his cock. There was now over four inches of thick black cock in her mouth. That alone was enough to completely fill her mouth with cock. Leah’s tongue ran over the head of his cock each time she sucked it in. Javorius groaned. The end of his cock felt like his cock was in a sauna.

Leah’s tongue was jammed between the cock and the underside of her mouth. Her cheeks were bulging out from the size of the thick black cock. Leah could feel it bump against the back of her mouth and she gagged as it pushed against her throat. She bathed the black cock with her saliva. This made it easier for the black cock to slide between her lips. She could feel it jerking around in her mouth as her tongue ran over the head of the cock.

“Dam, looks like the white bitch is enjoying it!” Jarell said.

“Of course she does! You a stupid nigger? What white girl don’t like black cock?” Javorius snapped.

Ignoring what was happening around her, Leah concentrated all her thoughts on the black cock in her mouth. She tightened her lips around the ridge that separated the head of the cock from the stem and wiggled her tongue against the underside, drawing a tight suction on his cock. Leah had little choice but to suck his cock but she did not mind it. She had always wanted to be taken by a group of black men against her will.

When Javorius started pumping his hips back and forth slowly, she gladly accepted it. Her tongue lashed over his mushroom head as she chewed on the shaft. Leah moaned as she was not concerned about the circumstances she was in. She was just happy that some black men with a big cock was finally getting her to enjoy the pleasures she had denied herself for so long.

Javorius could feel his balls about to explode. Saliva poured out the corners of Leah’s mouth and ran down her chin as she worked her tongue frantically along the underside of Javorius’s cock. Her jaws had begun to ache from being parted so wide and for so long. Leah did not notice the other black men standing around, stroking their cocks. Each of them were waiting impatiently to fuck her mouth, pussy or ass.

“Relax and breathe through your nose.” Javorius said.

His hands gripped Leah tightly on the side of her head. He watched as she hesitantly dropped her hands to her side, her fists clenched in anticipation. Leah felt Javorius’s large black hands grip her head tightly and she knew that she would be powerless to stop him from fucking her face.

She felt her head pushed forward as the cock began to enter her mouth deeper than before. She gagged as the cock pushed against the back of her throat. She gagged again, as Javorius pulled the cock out and then slammed it back in again. Tears began to fall from her eyes as the cock gagged her each time it pushed deep into her mouth. Javorius fucked his cock back and forth faster than before. Leah could hear her own sucking sounds as she swallowed the cock.

The negro cock fucked deep into her mouth. His large mushroom head of the cock smacked against the opening of her throat before he pulled back. Leah’s lips provided a tight seal around the cock. He withdrew his cock until just the very tip of his cock still parted her lips. Then his cock was pushed back into her hot mouth again. The cock pried her jaws open. Her mouth lips formed an oval around his cock.

“Take it white whore!” Javorius said.

Leah tongued the cock faster and sucked even harder. Her head bounced back slightly each time his cock struck the back of her mouth.

“Here it comes!” Javorius yelled.

Leah swallowed the thick sperm on her tongue. The thick white goo spurted from the tip of his cock again and again. It flooded her mouth. With each blast of cum, Leah had another mouthful of sperm to gulp down.

Javorius quivered as he filled her mouth with cum. His hands held a tight grip on her hair as his cock flooded her mouth. Leah felt head of the cock throb with each spurt of cum. It thrilled and amazed her that Javorius had spurted as much cum as he had. When he finally pulled his cock from her mouth, she savored the rich aftertaste of his thick cum.

“Have at it boys,” Javorius said.

The black men went into a frenzy. The rope that held her hands to her feet was untied and she was stretched out on the dirty mattress. Then her feet pushed up to her ass and knees spread so wide her hips hurt. Jarell then dropped on top of her and started fucking his cock into her wet pussy.

“Please…” Leah whispered.

She was not able to finish the sentence as Bam knelt by her head and shoved his aching cock into her mouth. Leah chewed on the thick cock. Leah felt a pat on her head and she turned away from Bam only to find herself staring at Kamalei’s cock. And as she alternated between the cocks, Jarell fucked her tightly tight pussy with all the energy in his body. Jarell grunted each time he pushed his cock deep into the pink vagina. He moved his hands over her breasts. He squeezed them and dug his fingers deep into the soft flesh.

“Dam! White bitches know how to suck cock!” Bam said.

Leah gagged and choked as her throat was forced to take the brutal thrusts of the dueling cocks. The thick cock pushed into the back of her mouth and slowly entering her throat again. The cock did not pull out, but increased the pressure and pushed deeper into Leah’s throat. Leah’s mouth opened wide as she choked and gagged on the cock. Whatever pretense Leah had made of fighting the boys was gone now. She wanted their cocks. Just big black hard cocks in her mouth and pussy.

Jarell groaned in his throat and he fucked harder between Leah’s pussy. His fingers mauled her ass cheeks as he jerked her body up to meet his own thrusts. Then he flooded her pussy with his negro sperm. Leah’s clit was aroused when Jarell squirted his load of cum into her pussy. She wiggled her hips and worked her pussy muscles on the cock as Kamalei fucked his big cock back and forth in her mouth. Leah moaned. She curled her tongue around Kamalei’s cock. She kneaded his hard cock with her soft lips. Her nipples were sending hot waves of pleasure through her body.

Leah squirmed on the mattress. She was so close to another orgasm that nothing was going to stop her. Leah was about to say something, but was silenced when Kamalei pushed his long black cock back into her mouth. Leah was going to tell the black men to fuck harder, but she never got the chance. Kneading Kamalei’s black cock with her mouth, Leah worked on the cock eagerly. She only had to wait for the second eruption to fill her mouth with thick gobs of sperm.

The thug pushed his cock had completely into Leah’s pussy and his balls were warming her tensed and trembling thighs. He fucked her pussy with long and powerful strokes. Leah whimpered and gagged as she sucked with manic intensity on Kamalei’s black cock. Occasionally he would push too far and his cock would smash against the back of her mouth. This caused his cock to almost go down her throat. Each time that happened tears welled in her eyes. Leah had to back away from him as best she could while constantly flicking her tongue over the black cock.

Her heart pounded like a racing engine. Her body felt like every muscle had suddenly withdrawn into a fierce knot. Leah’s orgasmed in multiple waves. Bam’s hard black cock pushed into her pussy relentlessly.

Leah convulsed and twisted as her body exploded from the orgasm. Kamalei pushed his cock harder into her mouth. The head of his cock moved down into her throat. It held there for a couple of seconds and then shot multiple thick jets of white sperm directly into her stomach. Kamalei screamed and grabbed Leah by the hair as he kept spurting into her mouth. He shot multiple loads, one after another, each one slightly less powerful than the one preceding. Finally, when every drop of sperm was used to fill Leah’s mouth, he pulled his cock out.

Leah’s head was still whirling and she was ambiguously aware of Bam pushing and pulling between her legs. Her clit had exploded with such unbelievable force that she nearly fainted. Only the cum on her tongue reminded her of Kamalei’s cock. When Bam shot his load of cum in her pussy, she heard his screams of passion and felt him sucking on her nipples. Leah fainted with her hands and feet still bound by ropes. Javorius and his thugs were dressed and ready to hit the road again as they looked at Leah, who was still sleeping on the mattress.

“What if she calls the cops? You know what the police do to black men who sleep with white women?” Bam said.

“Na, don’t worry, she liked it too much to call the cops,” Javorius said.

Free to read for Amazon Prime members until October 6th 2017. Click her for link to Amazon.