Price of Fame, Book 1

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Price of Fame, Book 1

by Emily Wendling

The horror story is purely fictitious and is for educational and entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are over the age of 18.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”

Categories: Fiction, Horror, Crime Thriller

January 8, 1980

Joey wanted nothing more in this world than to be a rock star, but the odds were against him. He did not know how to play any instrument, nor was his singing ability anything special. It hurt him even more that he did not know anyone within the industry. Still, he wanted to be a rock star. Unfortunately for Joey, he was also lazy and undisciplined. He was just a few years out of high school and could not hold a job. He would work at various fast-food joints and hated it. He would always get fired after a few months. He lacked the skills and education necessary to get a better job, but even if he could, he would not want it. He wanted to be a Rock Star.

1979 had just come to a close, a brand-new decade had arrived. Joey felt it was his time. Joey did benefit from living in Los Angeles, instead of some no name town in the Midwest. There were a couple of famous music studios nearby. Every couple of days he would stop by one of them and he would provide them with a sample. This was such a daily occurrence, that it was to the point where the receptionists of those studios would just smile and throw his samples into the trash. When it came to being a rock star, Joey was a persistent young man, so he never gave up.

Back in high school, Joey and a couple of friends formed a band. The band tried hard. They were able to play at the prom, and a few other events. They tried to keep it going after high school, but the band slowly fell apart. One of the members quit. Another got married. The third went off to college. Joey was the only one hanging on for hopes of becoming a famous musician.

It was like ground hog’s day. Joey would go to work at the burger joint. He tried his best to put on a happy smile. When he came home, he would practice singing or learning to play the guitar. He felt lonely, since all his high school friends had moved on. He was stuck. Stuck living at home with his mom, dad, and sister. Often, he would drown the sadness away by illegally drinking beer, or watching his favorite show, the dukes of hazzard.

January 9, 1980

It was Wednesday, January 9th, 1980. This day would turn out to be different for Joey. He drove to downtown Los Angeles in his old 1972 yellow Honda Civic. It was rusty and small for his six-foot frame, but the vehicle was exceptionally reliable. As usual, he entered one of the music studio offices without an appointment and handed the receptionist his sample. This music studio was not his first pick either, but it was the closest. The receptionist gave him a fake smile and a snide remark. She took the sample and tossed it into the wastebasket. Normally, Joey would walk away with his head down. However, not today. Today was different, Joey lost his temper. He had enough. He was sick of people not treating him with respect, not giving him the chance.

He grabbed the receptionist by her shirt and pulled her across the desk with maximum force. He then pointed a finger at her face and started to yell at her with all his frustration. This continued for a minute before an old man rushed out from one of the offices and broke Joey’s grip from the receptionist.

“Hey, take it easy!” The old man shouted.

He did his best to calm Joey down. Joey, in his angry state, wanted to turn and punch the man. However, he noticed the man was old and frail. The man was of no threat. Joey also noticed that the man was dressed impeccably. His suit seemed to have been perfectly ironed and worth a fortune. The old man must be the owner or someone important Joey thought.

“Easy young fellow. There is no need for violence. What is the issue?” The old man asks.

“All I want is someone to listen to my demo.” Joey said angrily.

Joey let go of the woman and calmed down. The receptionist straightened her light blue shirt and whispered “weirdo” as she sat back down. The old man wanted to calm Joey down and send him on his way.

“Young man, what is your name?” The old man said.

“It’s Joey.” He replied.

“Why don’t you give me the demo and we will definitely take a look at it.” The old man said.

He was for sure not going to look at it, but he just wanted to keep the young man calm. Joey’s emotions switched from anger to elation. He was so excited that his hands trembled. His anger caused him to forget that he already gave the receptionist a copy of the sample, which she threw into the wastebasket. He poked his hands into his pants and grabbed another copy of the demo. As he pulled his hand out with the second copy of the sample, a folded picture of him and his sister came out of his pocket. It quickly fell to the floor. Joey did not notice because of his excitement.

The old man bent down to grab the folded picture. Out of curiosity he opened it. The old man was stunned by how beautiful the girl in the photo was. A big grin filled his old face. He did not notice Joey handing him the demo tape.

“Here is the demo.” Joey said.

Joey extended his hand with the demo tape.

“Is this your girlfriend? Young fellow.” The old man said with a smile.

“No, that’s my sister.” Joey replied.

The old man took the demo tape and handed the photo back to Joey.

“Do you have some time? Maybe I can listen to this now to see what we got here.” The old man said.

Joey’s heart almost popped out of his chest from the excitement. He could not believe it! Someone was taking him seriously. His day quickly went from a day of frustration and anger to one of elation and happiness. The man opened the glass door and signaled Joey to follow him.


Joey followed the old man through the door and down the hall. He was mesmerized. On both sides of the wall were gold record trophies, for all the albums that sold at least 500,000 copies. There were also trophies for the records that went platinum, having over 1,000,000 records sold. Further down the hall, there were pictures of all the famous singers. The young man could not believe it, he recognized most of the singers and bands. The first photo he recognized was a photo of the blonde female singer from Europe, who sold over 13 million copies. Next, he recognized the rock band of three brothers, they sold slightly over 10 million copies.

As he proceeded down the hall, he noticed another band, a Swedish band that sold more than 7 million copies in 1979. On and on, as he moved down the hallway, there was not a singer or band he did not recognize, and beneath their photos were the gold and platinum albums. Without even looking, the old man knew that Joey was impressed. When they reached the old man’s office, Joey entered, and the old man signaled him to sit in the chair in front of the cherry oak desk. The old man then sat himself in the leather chair behind the desk.

The old man then proceeded to make small talk with Joey as he put the demo tape into a tape player and hit the play button. The two of them sat there quietly as they listened to the demo. Joey saw stars, he was sure the old man was loving it, since he noticed the smile on the old man’s face. The old man put on his best fake smile expression; he hated the demo. In his head, the old man did all he could to resist telling Joey how crappy the demo was. After all, the girl in the polaroid was the reason for bringing Joey back to the office in the first place, regardless of how the demo played out.

Mentally the old man’s brain cringed at Joey’s singing. The notes and pitches were way off. Being in the business for over 25 years, his talent meter detection placed Joey at two out of ten. The old man’s brain veered back to the girl in the photo, she stunned him. Not in the glamour girl style, but in the girl next door style. Even though he only got a quick glance, it was enough to hook him. Thoughts of what he and his associate would be doing to Joey’s sister gave the old man an immediate hard on. It was good that there was a big oak desk between them, this way Joey did not yet know his true intentions.

How does one achieve music success? The public really does not know the behind the scenes of the music business. How they determine who is and who is not a star. If the public did, there would be a riot. Truth is that there was always a price for fame, and it was no different in the music business. Within the music industry, there were only a few powerful organizations, mostly run by powerful men, and they were the gateway to the music industry. They determined who would be a success and who would not. Who would be played on the radio, who would be advertised in the record stores, and who would be shown on the television. Not only can they make a star, but they can break one too. They can also prevent talent from becoming stars. These men were not good, nor were they evil, they just had their own agenda.

When the demo ended, the old man complimented Joey on his performance. The old man was such a good deceiver that Joey did not even notice. The old man understood that to pull this off, he needed to hook Joey to the power and joy of fame, particularly of being a famous rock star. His first task was to invite Joey to a party with all the music superstars. Joey gladly accepted. Joey left the office with a feeling of euphoria. He felt on top of the world. He felt vindicated. All his life people told him he could never do it. Never be a famous musician. Deep inside, he knew all along he was meant for stardom, and what just happened proved him right. As he drove home in his Honda Civic, a song called “Piano Man” came on the radio, and Joey happily sang along with it.

January 20, 1980

Joey was 21 years old, but he was still living with his parents. At 5 pm, Joey stood in front of his parent’s house with the best rental tuxedo he could get for $100. He was picked up in a long black limousine. Joey was in disbelief at the luxury features the limousine had. Inside the limousine, there were two young females. They were dressed in short skirts and a tight blouse. They introduced themselves to Joey and informed him that they were his guide for the evening. The limousine was stacked with various alcohols. There was even a TV, VCR, and an Atari. Joey smiled with joy; he knew his time had come. As the limousine pulled away, the driver panel closed, and the beautiful young girls got on their knees in front of him. Joey was speechless. He had an intuition of what was about to happen, but he just could not believe it.

The girls unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He went into a daze when he felt the warm mouth engulf his cock, while the other girl used her tongue to lick the entire length. Joey did not last long, but it did not matter. He was young, and the girls kept sucking and licking until he got hard again. They kept it up until the limousine arrived at the party. For Joey, the party was beyond all expectations. He walked around with his eyes wide open. He absorbed all the sights and sounds. There were stars of every type at the party. He originally thought there would only be music stars. However, there were all kinds of celebrities and stars.

There were lots of movie stars that he recognized, TV stars that he loved, and rock stars that he admired. Though they were stars and celebrities, they greeted Joey and spoke to him as if he were one of them. Joey never felt so loved and accepted in all his life. All the years of being called a loser by his parents, his former schoolmates, his peers, all the bad memories and life’s disappointments evaporated. Some of the stars made more of an impression than the others, but he was still impressed by them all.

There was the young blond female on the most popular sitcom of 1979. She was the lust of all men and boys. She greeted him as if she knew him all his life. She even flirted with him. There was the male star from the top grossing horror movie of 1979. Joey remembers watching that movie alone in the theatre after work. He was so scared he could not sleep with the lights out for at least a week. Joe could not believe he was talking to the star of that movie.

Then Joey spoke with the Italian star of the best-selling movie of the seventies. Joey also considered it one of the best movies of all time. He was surprised that the star was much shorter in real life than he appeared in the movies. The Italian star was very charming and he himself was accompanied by an incredibly beautiful female movie star. He recognized her, but his brain just could not place what her name was or movie she was in.

The famous female from the science fiction movie of the year also spent some time with Joey, saying how much she had heard about his singing ability, and how much she could not wait to listen to all his songs. She flirted with him for a while then moved on. This is life! Joey could not get the smile off his face. This is perfect, and he would sell his soul for this life. Joey thought to himself. He then spent the next thirty minutes flirting with his two female guides.

Joey finally spotted the old man himself. The old man wore a unique red tuxedo and had two beautiful young girls, one on each side of his arm. They looked young enough to be his granddaughters. Joey was extremely impressed. The old man walked over, with wine in his right hand, smiled and then greeted Joey. The two chatted lively. Joey did most of the talking. He talked continually about all the stars he met. On and on he went. As the night went on, the old man introduced Joey to even more stars, showed him the possibilities of being a star, and living the life of luxury. The old man introduced him to more beautiful young girls that he would have otherwise no chance with.

Before the party was over, Joey had sex with at least six different girls. One of them was even a tv star in a popular sitcom. His old friends would have never believed it. When the party was over, Joey went home with his two female guides and had even more sex. So much that he fainted from exhaustion. Joey retired that night feeling on top of the world.

February 3, 1980

The old man setup a few more parties for Joey. He provided him with VIP access to various movie and rock star events. However, it just was not these wonderful events. The movie stars and rock stars invited Joey to lunch and dinner with them. They invited him over to their house for social events. Strangely enough, he never felt out of place, he felt like he belonged in their social circle. The old man also had many beautiful young girls on his payroll, and he used them on Joey with good effect.

The old man scheduled for Joey many sessions in the studio. He made sure the most famous musicians of 1979 were there. They would work on future songs together with Joey. Joey not only got to see the inner workings of the studio, but he also got to spend lots of time with who is who of the music industry. Joey considered these weeks to be the best time of his life. He loved it and wanted more.

The old man then invited Joey to his office. When Joey arrived, he was under the impression that the old man wanted to sign him to a contract deal. That was somewhat true.

“Joey, there’s a price to be paid for fame. Fame is not free, and it does not come without a price.” The old man said.

“Sir, I am ready to work hard, and as many hours as it takes!” Joey said with excitement.

The old man smiled.

“It takes more than hard work, it takes sacrifice.” The old man responded.

“I’m willing to sacrifice.” Joey said.

“I like to hear that. We can make you a rock star for sure. You have enough talent for us to work with. However, we will require you to make a sacrifice.” The old man said.

“Whatever it is, I’m willing to do it.” Joey said without hesitation.

“We want you to give us consent to take your sister and train her to be one of our girls.” The old man said.

Joey was in shock. It was such an odd request. What does he mean by “train” his sister? Crazy thoughts ran through his head.

“Let us just say, we provide services to extremely wealthy clients. Kings, presidents, senators, famous men, powerful men. The services sometimes include the use of beautiful females.” The old man said.

“I am not going to whore my sister out!” Joey said in anger.

The old man, disappointed, leaned back in his leather chair. He then shrugged his shoulders and leaned forward.

“Then I guess we really don’t have anything else to discuss.” The old man said.

“I can sing, and I can play the guitar, that should be good enough.” Joey said.

“So can many others. No, fame requires a price. Every one of those stars you met, had to pay a price. You are no exception. Take some time and think about it.” The old man said.

“No way I am selling my sister out!” Joey said.

Joey pleaded endlessly with the old man. He tried to negotiate. Anything but his younger sister. After an hour of back and forth, Joey stormed out of the office. Upset and depressed. The old man had Joey right where he wanted him. For the next couple of months, life was miserable for Joey. He no longer had access to the stars. Matter of fact, when he tried to reach out to some of them, they acted like Joey did not even exist. Joey continued to work at a burger joint. He went back to his routine of handing out demos and trying different avenues. Little did Joey know how tight the network was. The old man had Joey blacklisted with every firm.

The other companies would immediately kick Joey out the moment they saw him. Joey became an outcast among all in the music industry. It was done on purpose. They wanted Joey so defeated that he would sacrifice his younger sister. Joey went through major depression, from living the high life to living like a peasant. It did not help that he did not have any friends after graduating from high school. His parents always called him a loser for not going to college. He was almost 21, yet he felt his life was over. There was an internal struggle within Joey. His good side vs his selfish side. The two struggled for another three months, then something snapped.

March 29, 1980

The old man was sitting at his office when Joey walked in. The old man knew Joey would break. He had seen people’s desperation to be famous many times. He smiled as Joey walked in.

“What will happen to my sister?” Joey asked.

“Nothing much, she will just be trained to serve us.” The old man said.

“Will any harm come to her?” Joey asked.

“No, our customers don’t like damaged goods. At least no permanent physical injuries.” The old man said.

Joey sat there white as a ghost. Guilt covered his entire face. His body slouched, a clear sign of defeat. The two sat there silently.

“Don’t look so depressed Joey. In time, she will learn to like her duties.” The old man said.

The old man grabbed some documents and placed them in front of Joey.

“Just sign here, and we will take care of everything. Your sister will have a new life and you will be a rock star.” The old man said with a smile.

“What am I signing?” Joey asked.

“Oh, just a bunch of NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), some copyright and intellectual statements, nothing interesting.” The old man said.

Joey looked depressed. He knew he should read the document, but it was so thick, it looked to be hundreds of pages. His lust for easy fame got the better of him and he started signing the parts that were highlighted in yellow. The old man sat there and smiled. He waited until Joey was done, the expression on his face became serious.

“Joey, listen to me carefully.” The old man said in a stern voice.

Joey sat there and had a look of excitement but also fear.

“We will make you a star, but you have to do exactly as we tell you. You know, I am a genuinely nice guy, but my boss is not. If you disobey us in any way, there will be serious consequences. It is not nice to throw threats around, but you are a good kid, and I just want to warn you that the people that run the show are immensely powerful. They have great influence with the police and the American government. They can make your entire family disappear and it will just be marked as an accident by the authorities.” The old man said.

Joey sat there with a sense of fear.

“But let us focus on the good stuff!” The old man said with a smile.

The old man stood up and walked to Joey. He patted Joey on the shoulders and held out his right hand. Joey hesitated but grabbed the old man’s hand and the two shook hands.

“You are going to love being famous!” The old man said.

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Call of the Wild

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Call of the Wild

by Emily Wendling


“The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This story was written for entertainment purposes and for couples that want role-play ideas.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”


Categories: Male on Female (M/F), Female on Female (F/F), College Romance, Virgin Romance, Schoolgirls, First Time, Age Play

Sex Type: Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Masturbation, Lesbian


Chloe, Laura, and her friends explore the world of university romance’s and sexuality. Things start innocent enough, but quickly escalate as Chloe kick things into overdrive.


Chapter 1


Chloe leaned in close to the male student and slowly took his dense glasses off. She smiled as he quickly batted his blue eyes, figuring he probably could not see very well now.

“I thought you wanted to talk to me about science. I don’t understand.” The male student muttered.

“Shhh.” The redhead said.

No doubt about it, Chloe thought. The kid was cute without his glasses, and it really didn’t matter if he was near sighted. Chloe covered her fingers around both of his wrists and brought his hands to her breasts. She put those hands on her breasts and smiled as the little, male student started to feel her through her soft T-shirt. He batted his eyes again as he felt those soft and beautiful breasts.

“Wow, I have never felt anything like that before.” He said.

“How old are you, Stephen?” The beautiful girl asked.

“I just turned nineteen recently.” He said.

“And you have never felt a girl’s breast before?” She replied.

“No, I have always been too busy with school work, especially chemistry.” He said.

Chloe put her hand behind Stephen’s head and moved her face closer to his.

“I’ll show you chemistry.” She said whispered.

And then she kissed him tenderly on the mouth. Chloe was a beautiful redhead of nineteen. She was a college sophomore who worked in the college public relations office on a part time basis as a student photographer. It was a way to make a little extra money and a way to meet people. People are very nice to a beautiful girl with a camera. Even the college president knew her and smiled at her when he saw her walking across the campus on her way to a class.

She had taken his photo at a lot of special events. But mostly, Chloe liked meeting people like Stephen. That afternoon, she had come to freshman orientation to shoot a few photos of incoming students. It was what the public relations director called “newbies.” Chloe picked out a few of the more attractive students, took their photos against recognizable college backgrounds, and asked a few questions.

By asking questions, she had learned that Stephen had won awards for his science experiments when he was as young as twelve years old. She figured this science nerd would make a good story for the public relations magazines and brochures, and she also thought that he would look very cute if he just took off his dense glasses. After all, he had that dense head of brunette hair and that crooked little smile. He also had beautiful flawless body.

She told Stephen that she wanted to take some photos of him experimenting. He said ok because he had a private dormitory room with all his chemistry equipment already set up. Now Chloe sat in his dorm room with him and looked at that equipment. She was turned on by how cute he was and decided she wanted to do a different kind of experimentation with Stephen. She turned toward the nerd again and she kissed his face with soft, sweet pecks. He closed his eyes and sighed a little when she did that.

“Welcome to college, Stephen. Your new life awaits.” Chloe said.

“Wow, what luck. I have only been in college for a day and classes haven’t even started yet.” Stephen said.

“Forget about the classes, never let classes stand in the way of your education.” Chloe murmured.

Then the beautiful redhead pressed her body against his and pushed the little brunette back on the bed. He gasped at first, but then he slipped his arms around her and seemed to grow more comfortable under her fit body. He grew more comfortable and he grew hard too. As Chloe moved against him, she could feel that hardness growing in his pants. Chloe whispered in his ear.

“Let’s get our clothes off and do this right.” She said.

The little brunette only groaned. The female figured that the little nerd was probably paralyzed by lust and fear. So, she started the deed by slowly unbuttoning his shirt. His chest was thin and hairless and white. When the shirt was unbuttoned, and opened, Chloe slipped her fingers down over his chest and his stomach and touched the bulge in his pants too.

“Oh, that feels good. That feels very good.” the nerd murmured.

Chloe sat up straight and pulled her T-shirt over her head. She figured that Stephen could make out her movements, even without his glasses. She bared her breasts for the nerd and then she stood up and slipped out of her shoes. She opened her tight jeans and pushed them down her legs. Stephen just lay there, rubbing his penis, batting his blue eyes and trying to see as much as he could without his glasses.

He could see that soft form moving, and he could see the clothes slipping away from her body as if by magic. Then, when Chloe was naked, she moved down onto the bed next to Stephen again. She held him tight against her body. Stephen closed his eyes. It did not matter what he could see and could not see. He felt her lying there beside him. He felt her naked flesh and her cool breath on his face.

“I’m glad you got a private dorm room.” The naked redhead said. ”

“It’s convenient, I like to do experiments late at night.” Stephen said.

Then the little nerd giggled. He thought about what he was doing now, and he knew that this kind of experiment was going to be a lot more fun than mixing chemicals to analyze their qualities. As he held the naked girl close to him, Stephen decided that this was the kind of late night experimentation he wanted to do more of.

“Come on, let’s get your clothes off too, stud.” Chloe said.

“Stud” Stephen smiled when he heard that word. She had called him stud. No one had ever called him anything like that before. He rose and let the redhead help him off with his shirt. Then he slipped out of his shoes and felt her fingers pulling off his socks too.

The next place she touched was his cock, but Stephen did not gasp this time. He was sort of used to having her finger his hardness by now, and he wanted to act like a real stud. She opened his pants and pulled them down his legs. Stephen kicked them off and let them fall onto the floor. Then he lay there in just his white briefs and Chloe looked down at that bulging hardness. She smiled when she saw the size of that bulge.

Maybe it was just that he was such a small guy. But Chloe suspected that it was more than just relativity at work here. Stephen was obviously very well hung. She moved her fingers over his bulge and felt that hardness grow even more. That was all flesh down there, she thought, and it was bigger than the bulge some guys had in their pants when they shoved a pair of socks down into their shorts to impress their dates.

“Stud,” she said softly.

And Stephen quivered on the bed with the sound of that word echoing through his head. Chloe wondered about the girls who had gone to high school with Stephen. What fools they were, Chloe thought, to pass him by. Some girl should have noticed the big bulge in the nerd’s pants and should have determined to get that cock into her pussy. Chloe smiled as she thought about what she would have done if she had been in the same high school with Stephen. She thought about sneaking into his laboratory while he was out getting more test tubes and slipping under the table where his experiment was bubbling.

When he returned to look down on that experiment, to monitor slight changes of temperature in the chemicals, she would have reached out and touched his penis with her fingers. She would have grabbed him and pulled his cock out of his pants and started to suck on it. Stephen would have been at her mercy then, she thought, and she would monitor the changes in his temperature by working her lips and her fingers over that big, big cock.

Chloe let the quick fantasy go from her brain as she slipped her feminine fingers under the waistband of his briefs and slowly pulled them down the guy’s legs. Enough of fantasy. When this Stephen’s shorts were off, his world would be heated up with reality with a wild and sweet sexual reality. When she pulled the briefs away from his waist, the long prick sprang up like something that was happy to greet her. The cock looked like it was nearly a foot long, and it was very hearty and big and sturdy too.

Chloe slipped the guy’s briefs over his feet and then dropped them on the floor next to the bed. The cock was so big that she was able to wrap the fingers of both hands around it and still see the mighty mushroom head of the member. She tightened her fingers around his cock and she smiled at that crown. Stephen groaned. He was new to all this kind of attention and he would probably come very quickly, Chloe thought.

Guys who were new to sex had trouble controlling themselves. Still, Chloe wanted to give him a quick and wild taste of every kind of sexual experience and she wanted to get a taste of something too. Quickly, she lowered herself down onto the bed with her pretty face just a few inches of his cock. She brought her face even closer and licked her lips. She could see the pre-cum glistening on the tip of his organ, and she knew that stuff would be sweet.

Then the redhead opened her mouth wide and worked her lips over the end of the cock. She tightened her lips around the crown of that cock and sucked on it with a warm feeling of sex flooding her own body. Yes, Chloe could taste the pre-cum that Oozed from the head of the prick. And, yes, it was just as sweet and manly as she had thought it would be.

She could feel the throbbing cock, the pumping power that made the cock seem to vibrate as she held it in her fingers. She moved those fingers up and down the big cock as she sucked a little more of the cock into her mouth. When Stephen groaned, Chloe knew she was pleasing him as science had never pleased him. She sucked on that organ for just a few seconds and then she raised up again.

“I’m going to take your cock into my pussy now. My cunt wants your cock. My pussy is aching for it.” She said.

The nerd groaned again and shivered with anticipation as he heard those words. The redhead moved over his body and slowly lowered herself down to that cock. She grasped the prick in her hand and held it steady as she worked the lips of her pussy over the cock. The thing was so large that she could feel the lips of her cunt being stretched to new and beautiful proportions. When she had about half of the dense, long piece of meat inside her, she pressed her fingers against Stephen’s thin, hairless chest. She murmured to him with sexuality dripping from every syllabic.

“Shove it into me. Make love to me. Drive all of that cock into me. Make me yours.” She said.

Even as Stephen reached out and touched her body with his fingers, even as he slipped those fingers over her flesh, he found himself being a little surprised that he seemed to know just what to do. He suspected that Chloe was right. This was only natural, and he was following some natural instinct that was deep inside him, some instinct that had lain dormant for too long.

He bucked under her and shoved his cock deep into her pussy. Chloe gasped as more meat went into her cunt. She moved her fingers over Stephen’s shoulders and up to his face. She touched him as she felt that cock pulsating in her pussy.

“Oh, yes, stud. I like it. I like the way your prick feels inside me.” She said.

And the nearly blind Stephen smiled and loved being called a stud. He started to churn his hips and work his prick in and out of her tight pussy. He gasped as she gasped and he felt very experimental. And, as Stephen started to make love to her with a steady, she rocked on his cock and found herself wishing that she could give every stud in the freshman class this kind of orientation.


When Chloe got back to her dorm room that afternoon, she found a beautiful, little brunette in cut offs unpacking. The brunette turned when Chloe entered the room and smiled at her.

“Hi, I’m Laura. I’m your roommate.” She said.

“Hello, Laura! My name is Chloe. Are you a freshman?” Chloe said.

“Yes.” She said.

Chloe put her camera down on the table on her side of the room.

“I’m a sophomore. If you have any questions about college, don’t be afraid to ask. Though it is strange they would put a sophomore with a freshman.” She said.

“I hope we can be good friends.” Laura said earnestly.

Chloe smiled and slipped out of her T shirt. She stood there with her breasts bare in front of her new roommate.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Laura?” she asked.

“Yes” Laura replied.

Laura looked at those breasts on the redhead, surprise how crazy her roommate was.

“His name is Mike. I’ve been dating him for years. But he goes to a different college.” Laura said.

“Then you are free here!” Chloe said.

“Free?” Laura replied.

“Free to screw around with other guys, I mean,” Chloe said.

“No, I’m not free to do that, I love Mike. I want to be faithful to him.” Laura said.

Chloe turned and stared at the little brunette. What did she have here? Some little prude? Some religious fanatic? Chloe figured she had better find out now. If this girl was going to be shocked by everything Chloe talked about, they would just have to go down and tell the dorm mother to find new roommates for both of them.

“Come on, Laura,” Chloe said.

She turned onto her side on the bed and stared at the brunette.

“You said that this guy goes to a different college. Do you really think he is going to be faithful to you there?” Chloe said.

“He loves me, so he will.” Laura said.

“He won’t. Not if he’s worth anything as a guy at all. And you’re a cute, little thing. Brunette and everything. You start walking around this campus and you’re going to have guys trying to pick you up right away.” Chloe said.

“That doesn’t mean I must go out with them.” Laura said.

“No, it does not.” Chloe agreed.

“But you’re going to be missing out on a major part of your college experience if you don’t. You’re going to be missing out on the best part of your education. Tell me, Laura, did you and Harvey…” Chloe said.

“Mike.” Laura corrected.

“Mike, I mean. Did Mike make love to you?” Chloe asked.

Laura took a deep breath and nodded her head.

“Yes, during our senior year in high school.” She replied.

“Did you enjoy it with him?” Chloe asked.

“Sure. I loved it.” Laura replied.

“So, you have had sex with one man and now you’re going to turn yourself off. You’re going to deny yourself on a campus filled with stallions.” Chloe said.

“With what?” Laura asked.

“Stallions. That’s the way I think of studs. And, being a sophomore, I can tell you, Laura. This campus is over running with tempting stallions.” Chloe said.

“Really.” Laura said with a smirk.

“And you think you’re going to fight off temptation just because you have some wild idea about staying faithful to a boyfriend who is a million miles away. That isn’t going to happen.” Chloe said.

“Not a million miles. Just a few hundred.” Laura said.

“A couple of hundred might as well be a million.” Chloe snapped back.

Chloe closed her eyes and listened as her new roommate sighed. She could tell that Laura was thinking about things. Chloe figured that the girl would come around to her way of thinking soon enough.

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Snow White

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Snow White

by Emily Wendling


“The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This story was written for entertainment purposes and for couples that want role-play ideas.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”


Categories: Multiple Male on Multiple Female (M+/+F), Gangbang, Interracial (Black Men/White Women-BMWW)

Sex Type: Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing


A comedy of sorts. Snow White and Lily, her best friend from the neighboring village, in search of black men to love. And somewhere along the way, they also learn to love each other too.


Chapter 5


“I look so slutty.” Snow White said.

“Nonsense! You look wonderful. You will be the most beautiful at the ball.” Lily said.

“I don’t know Lily. I think this is more your style. After all I am very conservative. And what will happen if Prince Charming sees me dressed so slutty?” Snow White.

“Who cares what Prince Charming thinks, as long as we get some black cocks! Anyway, I think you look stunning.” Lily shouted.

Snow White looked at herself in the full-length mirror attached to the back of her bedroom door. She had on one of Lily’s dresses. It was blue outfit with a U-shaped neckline that did not swoop particularly low. A simple little clothing that required a belt around her waist and nothing more. It showed off her legs almost to her pussy and that was what bothered her.

“Put these on,” Lily said, throwing Snow White a pair of magical boots.

Snow White looked at the boots and complained. They were expensive boots, made of magical material, with four-inch heels. The boots came up four inches above her knee.

“People will call me a slut if they see me in this,” Snow White said.

She put the boots on as she complained. Lily giggled. She sat there putting on her make-up and occasionally glancing over at Snow White. Snow white looked back at her in the mirror occasionally. It was going to be a beautiful ball, she was certain. It had taken a long time for her to persuade Snow White to dress in something other than her conservative and proper clothes.

Lily could not wait for the response Snow White would draw from the other men once they saw her.


Snow White smiled at black butler and kept walking. She pretended she had not noticed the look of complete shock on his face. When she was completely past him, Snow put her slender hips in motion. Snow White could feel lustful gaze of her butler’s eyes on her behind. The blue dress just barely covered the lower curve of her buttocks. At first, Snow White stated hated the blue dress, but now she was intensely happy that she had let Lily talk her into wearing it. Snow White was lastly getting the reaction from men she had clandestinely always hoped for.

“Snow White.” The butler shouted.

The beautiful white girl twisted her upper body around to look over her shoulder at her butler. Lily had told Snow how big his black cock was and she was dying to discover if the huge proportions that Lily had spoken of were factual.

“Yes, Butler? Did you need something?” She purposely made her voice young and sweet.

Snow White turned slowly so that she faced the butler. She looked at the ground and bashed her eyebrows. Swiftly she glanced at his crotch and saw the slowly growing lump of black cock tenting the front of his pants.

“What is that, Butler?” Snow White said.

She played the bashful act to the max because she intended tease him till he came in his pants. Then Snow White saw Kaufusi’s cock jolt inside his trousers, she knew she was doing it right. The butler knew he should back down, if the father found out he would be killed. Not only are they of different classes, but of different race too!

“Would you like to take me to the bedroom, do what you want to me? Is that what you want?” Snow White said.

Snow White had expected her butler to disagree with her, but the exact opposite happened. She did not realize she had that much power of men, especially black men. The butler lunged at Snow White and grabbed her. He smashed his mouth on her and gave a bruising and deep kiss. Little did the butler knew that underneath the material of the dress, Snow White was completely naked.

“Why are you doing this! This is so dangerous; the whole village would hang me if your father doesn’t kill me first!” Kaufusi shouted.

Kaufusi just could not resist the beautiful Snow White.

“Fuck it! Your worth the risk!” Kaufusi said.

He circled his hands around Snow White and came up under the hem of Snow White’s dress to cup her dreamy smooth buttocks. He planted another kiss on Snow White. Snow surrendered herself over completely to him. Even though Kaufusi was the family’s butler. He had raised her like his own. She had always looked up to him, how smart and wise he was. The taste of his tongue in her mouth made her pussy juice pour from her vagina. Her pussy became so wet that it would have no problem taking his large black cock.

Snow White groaned and squirmed in the butler’s embrace. She wrapped her arms around his thick dark neck. She writhed in his grip and purposely pushed her breasts against his powerful chest. Kaufusi’s large muscular hands kneaded her trembling buttocks. His fingers pressed into her tender buttocks. Snow White trembled and permitted him to push her vagina against his thigh as she trapped his leg between her own leg. She whimpered and sucked on her butler’s tongue as he explored her buttocks with his hands. The fatherly figure pushed hard so that his thigh pushed up her dress to rub against her exposed pussy.

“To my bedroom.” Snow White said.

She gasped when the kiss finally ended. She needed to get to the butler’s enormous cock into her as soon as possible. Kaufusi did not have the time nor the patience to travel that far. The vision of the beauty that is Snow White in that absurdly revealing dress had driven him beyond the edge of rationality. He was fueled by crazed lust. He had to make love to her as soon as he could.

Snow White put her hands on her butler’s chest. She tried to push him away. Snow wanted sex, but she also wanted to have some privacy, not be in the open. To Snow White, sex was private matter, not to be put on display for all to see. She twisted her face aside. Snow White pulled Kaufusi’s face down to the stretched arch of her neck and moaning when she felt him kiss her tender flesh.

“Please not here.” she whispered.

She was hoping to convince him to move to the bedroom one more time.

“On your knees!” Kaufusi shouted.

He placed his hands Snow White’s shoulders.

“Your family would be ashamed if they saw you dress like this. Since you dress like a slut, I will treat you like one.” Kaufusi said.

Snow White allowed him to thrust her to her knees. Her own lust had built to such a level that she did not really care where she was, just so long as she got to taste his giant black cock. Snow White preferred privacy, but she was so horny she just accepted Kaufusi commands. Though Snow White fully understood the chance of getting caught giving her butler a blowjob was quite high, she was willing to accept it. If Snow got her throat stuffed by the black cock, the risk was acceptable.

Snow White was not surprised by the violence Kaufusi used as he tore at his trousers. After all, he was a very tall and large man. Kaufusi tore open his zipper and pushed his pants down to his knees. Over ten inches of dark cock meat popped out and away from his body. The cock was so swollen that Snow White thought it would magically grow into a large dragon.

“Oh My God! It is amazing!” She panted.

Her eyes bulged wide as she stared in total amazement at the largest cock she had ever seen, and it was crispy black as she like it.

“It is so…” Snow started to say.

Before she could finish, Kaufusi grabbed a handful of silky hair at the top her head and pounded his cock against her mouth. Snow White had no choice but to take the black cock into her mouth. When she felt the mushroom shaped head gliding between her lips, she trembled and began to climax. On her knees, her vagina hugged tight between her thighs. Snow White felt pussy juice stream from her vagina.

“Umf!” Snow White moaned.

She tried to stop herself from climaxing too early, but she lost self-control. When the head of Kaufusi’s huge black cock was completely inside her mouth, she started to lick the black cock. She put her tempting tongue to work. She used it to scrap the underside of the black cock. Snow White’s cheeks hollowed in as she sucked hard on the black cock. She then rotated her face around as her butler’s thighs trembled.

“Had I known you were such a good cock sucker, we would have done this a long time ago,” Kaufusi said.

He pushed his hips forward to sink several more inches of his black cock into beautiful Snow White’s delicious mouth. Snow White was stunned at how big the butler’s cock was. Though she held just a little more than the head of the cock in her oral cavity, her mouth was already stretched to the limit. She had to keep her jaws as widespread as possible just to scraping him with her teeth.

“Suck it!” Kaufusi shouted.

The butler held Snow White’s head in his palms, and gripped her hair tightly. Snow White turned her face sideways and allowed the head of the cock to punch against the inside of her cheek. This swelled her face out and distorted her softly innocent features. She glimpsed up into her butler’s face and trembled. Snow White then had another spine-tingling climax. Kaufusi pumped his torso and working his black cock around inside Snow Whites’ sweetly sucking mouth.

Her tongue was like a snake lashing and probing. It sometimes tenderly and sometimes roughly scraped over his sensitive cock. He reached down and grabbed Snow White by the arms and pulled her gently. He indicated he wanted her to stand. However, instead of following his instructions, she stayed kneeling and grabbed his cock’s base in her right hand and his balls in her left. She held firmly onto them as she moved her mouth over the cock.

Kaufusi wanted her pussy, but Snow was doing such a good job with her mouth, he had a tough time fighting it. Kaufusi was unaware that his innocent Snow White wasn’t that innocent. He could not believe that she was so skilled at deepthroat. Snow White did not want to release the cock from her mouth. She loved sucking black cocks so much that she just literally wanted to chew on it like it was a steak. She had the desire to take the entire length of Kaufusi’s cock down her throat.

Snow jerked her shoulders and tried to get his hands off her arms because she did not want to get up. She did like the thought of having her vagina stuffed with black cock, but for now she just wanted the biggest black cock she had ever seen stuffing her lovely face. The two of them were fighting against each other. Snow White trying to swallow all of the butler’s cock down her throat while he tried to get her to stand up. Suddenly the two of them heard a sound to their left. Snow White turned her head and glanced in that direction without taking the black cock from her lips.

“Holy shit!” Boseko shouted.

The black Gardener stared at the butler and Snow White with wide eyes. Snow White immediately removed her soft lips from her butler’s cock.

“Quickly, let’s go somewhere! I will suck you both off!” Snow White said.

“What the fuck!” The Gardener said shocked.

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Orcs Versus Elves

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Orcs Versus Elves

by Emily Wendling


“The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This story was written for entertainment purposes and for couples that want role-play ideas.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”


Categories: Multiple Male on Female (M+/F), Forced, BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Gangbang, Spanking, Virgin, Whipping, Pain, Torture

Sex Type: Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Deepthroat Double Penetration, Masturbation 




Lilith is a young, gorgeous female elf from the region of langmish. She is an adventurer at heart, unlike her parents who were politicians. She had always been curious as to what happened to the Dwarves in Lorsen Mountains. Her parents had always forbidden her from travelling to that region, alone or otherwise. But what young blood is wise enough to heed their parent’s advice?
Besides, she has traveled alone to the outskirts of that region multiple times already. Along the way, she has engaged with multiple packs of orcs on various occasions. Her skill with bows and the blade has served her well. Her quickness allowed her to outrun them when she needed to flee.

The fifth trip was an ill-fated trip. The moment Lilith left the Elven fortress, she was tracked by some of the orc’s she had skirmished in the past. Usually, Lilith would kill ten to eleven Orc’s then flee. This time though, the Orc’s brought close to two hundred and she is overwhelmed and captured. Will she survived what they have planned for her?


Chapter 1


“Choke on my cock, Lilith!” the orc leader commanded.

He slapped Lilith’s beautiful tear covered face with his thick cock.

“Hurry up and swallow some orc cock, you pathetic elf slut!”

Lilith was bent over like an animal in the middle of the mob of orcs. It seemed to the beautiful young elf that every orc existing Lorsen Mountains must have gathered around her. They were mauling her tender young body through her blue and gold elf uniform. The orcs clawed at her breasts and slapped her buttocks. They squeezed her long lean legs. orcs pinned her forearms and calves. This hurt her terribly and kept her pinned in her degrading position.

It was more than the innocent recruit could stand and she cried out in agony and protest as the orcs manhandled her sexy young body. Moments before she had been heading home from her exploration of Darkus Mines. She was warned not to travel alone, but her eagerness to prove herself to her commanders made her reckless. Now a crowd of at least fifty orcs had pulled her into the narrow space between two rocks. The group forced her down on her hands and knees and were taking liberties with her body. Lilith began to cry even more. She sensed that she was not going to escape from these monsters unscathed.

“There you go, elf scum!” The orc Leader shouted.

The senior commander is named Clog. He pushed his cock through the oval ring of Lilith’s mouth the moment she opened her mouth to cry.

“Choke the Elf!” The crowd shouted.

Lilith gagged and howled with revulsion as Clog’s fat cock stretched her lips and pushed her jaws wide apart. She tried to jerk her head away, but the orcs held her so tightly that she could barely move a muscle. There was nothing Lilith could do as Clog pushed his oversized cock over her tongue and into the warm wet cavity of her mouth.

“Look at the silly little elf take cock!” Clog shouted with a smile.

He pulled Lilith’s head onward by her ears and pumping his hips at her face as though he was fucking a vagina instead of a mouth.

“She loves it! I told you guys that all these elves were nothing but slutty whores!” An orc shouted.

Clog gritted his teeth with pleasure as he held Lilith’s head in place. He salivated her beautiful face on the entire length of his prick. Her lips were stretched obscenely around the atrocious circumference of his cock. Lilith’s throat worked convulsively in a vain and desperate attempt to expel the inches of wrist sized cock that was moving down her gullet. Clog drove relentlessly forward and fed her the entire length of his huge cock. By the time his balls were hanging over her pretty chin, Lilith was gagging and thrashing wildly. Her face was turning white with shock.

“None of those little elf weaklings have cocks this size, do they?” Vergu Said.

He was another of the senior orc at the site. He was tall, green, and monstrous in appearance. As the orc spoke, he flopped out a thick veined cock that was every bit as long as Clog’s.

“And you are never going to forget the fun you are going to have today!” Vergu said.

Vergu and Clog winked at each other as Vergu dropped to his knees behind the beautiful Lilith. They glanced at a couple of the other orcs in the crowd. There was not a single ugly female among this elf clan, but Lilith was easily the most attractive. Lilith had the most beautiful face that the orcs had ever seen. Her eyes were shaped almonds. Her cheeks high and perfect. Her lips were so full and sensual that every orc wanted her. Clog had talked to admitted that his fondest dream was to stick his cock between them.

Lilith was young and naturally had a perfect body. Through her intense training her body was trimmed and toned. Her legs were her best feature. Her thighs were creamy and tuned muscles. Her calves were perfectly turned and perfectly shaped. Even her ankles and feet were flawless. But if Lilith’s legs were her best feature, her buttocks were not far behind. Lilith was a very thin elf, but her buttocks was a shaped properly. It swept out beautifully from the long, shapely pillars of her legs, then swept back in to a waist that was long and narrow. Lilith’s breasts were not large, but for an elf as slender as she was, they were bigger than average.

But the size of Lilith’s breasts was not what was remarkable about them. It was their shape. Lilith’s breasts were perfect, up thrust cones. They stood out from her chest like firm coconuts. They were so perky that they seemed to beg to be taken into a hand or mouth. They also begged be crushed together around a thick cock. Her nipples were bright pink.

Now she was trapped on her hands and knees in a space no more than ten feet wide. Her dark hair was ruffled. Her uniform was pulled up under her arms. It bared her long and lean torso and her perky breasts. There were orcs pushing their knees into her forearms and calves. This made her tremble with agony. There was a big orc cock poking her face and stretching her lips wide. Lilith jerked and twisted hysterically against the orcs who held her. She struggled in hopeless attempt to escape. Lilith was gagging and gasping for breath. Her face was pale and she was crying her eyes out. Even in her distraught state, she was still the hottest elf any of the orcs had ever seen.

“That’s it, elf,” Vergu shouted.

He flipped her short elf skirt up over her behind and then ripped off her panties. Lilith screamed around the throat-clogging girth of Clog’s cock. She the felt the first pressure of Vergu’s cock against the pink lips of her pussy. She thrashed like a mad woman, almost throwing off the orcs who pinned her arms and legs to the ground. She arched her back and swung her white buttocks in every direction, but there was nothing she could do to escape Vergu’s big cock. He slammed his fist into the lower area of her back so hard that for an instant Lilith was paralyzed. Then Vergu pushed his fat cock inside her.

“I’m a virgin! No! Why are you doing this?” Lilith screamed around the fat cock.

Vergu closed his eyes against the pleasure of Lilith’s fabulously tight and extremely hot vagina. His cock was bigger than the tiny pink mouth of her pussy and as he pushed his fat cock inside her vagina they stretched almost to the point of tearing. Lilith was a tall elf, but her vagina was tiny. Vergu had fucked no more than three inches of his cock into Lilith’s tiny vagina when he hit the fleshy wall of her cherry. It didn’t stop him.

Lilith stopped thrashing when Vergu tore her cherry to pieces. At first it felt as though it was stretching. Then it gave way with a rush and then something hot and wet filled Lilith’s tiny vagina. When she realized it was her blood, she almost passed out. Lilith had avoided orcs while traveling through this area many times. She got so confident that she didn’t even notice the signs that she was being tracked.

Vergu dug his strong hands into Lilith’s silky hips and pushed his cock in. Lilith was trembling like an injured fawn and her fine muscles drawn tight as bow strings. Her creamy skin dotted with gooseflesh and her beautiful face pale as if she were dying. Lilith’s vagina though, was reacting as though it loved everything his big cock was doing to it. Vergu backed out a couple inches and thrusted into her again. The cock stretched the tight elastic walls of her pussy and Lilith gasped and shivered as though she were dying. Vergu rabbit-fucked her with short, hard strokes until her tight, tiny pussy was taking every inch he had to give.

Clog was fucking her mouth with just as much vigor as Vergu was fucking her vagina. He clubbed his large cock back and forth through the obstructive tunnel of her throat. He delighted in the way her gagged reflexes made it constrict around the cock. Lilith’s mouth was filled with saliva, and her saliva flowed back down Clog’s cock in sparkling rivers. She was swallowing convulsively in a vain attempt to clear her mouth of the saliva. Every time she did, her tongue rubbed over the sensitive underside of Clog’s cock. He knew that he was going to cum very soon.

“Lick it!” He shouted.

He pulled back until his large saliva slicked tip was resting against Lilith’s lush lips.

“Lick that big beautiful cock! Lick it and kiss it and make it cum all over your nasty little face!” He shouted.

Lilith gasped for air and screamed with pain each time Vergu’s cock pushed inside her tiny vagina. She looked up at Clog with a sick despair and hoped that he would have mercy on her. Her mouth was already white with the slimy taste of his sperm. The taste of pre-cum and the bland taste of his cock were already making it a struggle for her to keep from vomiting.

“I didn’t tell you to slow down!” He shouted.

He grinned when he saw her pleading stare.

Clog smashed his hand down on top of Lilith’s head to prove that he was serious. He beat her until she was weaving from side to side. She was dizzy and almost unconscious from the repeated blows. Lilith wished she could pass out to escape the brutal assault Vergu was giving her and the disgusting task of licking and kissing Clog’s cock. But after a dozen blows Clog stopped hitting her and slapped his heavy, saliva soaked cock back against her cheek.

“Don’t slow down again.” He said.

He was pulling on her long, beautiful nipples until she thought he was going to tear them off her body.

“Come on, stick out your pretty pink tongue and lick all over that cock!” He ordered.

Lilith cried uncontrollably, but she stuck her tongue out between her full lips and brushed it over the slimy head of Clog’s dick. Clog moaned with pleasure as Lilith licked up the cool pre-cum. He angled his cock so that it crossed the bridge of Lilith’s nose, and when the trembling beauty ran her tongue over the underside of his cock, he almost came.

“Kiss it” He ordered.

He plopped his cock right against her lips.

“Give it a nice kiss, you dirty little slut!” He said.

Lilith ran her tongue all over the bulging head of the cock and then pursed her sexy lips. She then gave the mushroom head a lingering wet kiss. She teased her tongue over the deep cleft of the cock and tasting his sperm as it leaked from the tiny hole. And as she kissed the large head, she sucked on it gently and applied suction to just the tip.

“Where did you learn how to do that? You elves are such dirty sluts.” Clog said.

He twisted his hands in Lilith’s silky hair and pressed her face into his crotch. A moment later Lilith felt the first blast of cum against her full pouting lips. Cum spurted into her mouth and painted her soft pink tongue a dirty shade of silver. Cum frosted her lips like lipstick. Cum dripped down from her chin in long stringy strands.

“All right, Clog!” Vergu shouted.

Vergu fucked Lilith more brutally than ever. He swung his hips from side to side to plunge his savaging cock into her from different angles.

“Get ready for some more sperm! I’m going to cum in little vagina!” He shouted.

Clog sprayed cum against Lilith’s lips. He filled her mouth and fouled her beautiful face. His cock was jerking wildly with each powerful discharge. On the third blasted the cock jerked up and away from her lips. Lilith recoiled in shame and disgust as Clog’s spewing cock sprayed sperm right up her nose. The next blast glued Lilith’s right eye shut and left gooey globs of cum hanging from her long eye lashes. Cum drooled down her cheeks and rolled down the sides of her nose. Lilith coughed out the sperm that had shot up her nose and a mouthful of cum poured out between her moistly parted lips.

“What a dirty slut!” Vergu shouted gleefully.

He leaned down over Lilith’s bowed back and pounded his cock into her.

“You elves are going to learn your fucking place!” He screamed.

Lilith grunted with each brutal jab of Vergu’s long cock. He was wrecking her tiny vagina. He ripped through the ragged remnants of her cherry and stretched the tiny pocket of her pussy until it tore with the strain. Her vagina was filled with blood and pussy juice as her inexperienced young body tried desperately to cope with the gigantic cock that was throbbing inside her. Vergu crushed Lilith’s slim young body beneath his brutally huge frame.

“I’m going to cum!” Vergu screamed.

He grabbed Lilith’s pert breasts and smashed them flat against her chest. He looped his powerful legs around her silky thighs and pounded her slender young body with powerful strokes. Lilith’s sultry body collapsed with Vergu’s weight and the overwhelming assault of his rapid fucking. Her face slid down and his last drops of cum left silver stains in her lustrous hair. Clog wiped his cock clean in her hair and as soon as he moved away, another orc dropped down in front of her to take his place.

“No!” Lilith screamed.

She shook her head as the orc pulled her up by her hair.

“Please pull out! Vergu, please, I’ll do anything, but please don’t cum inside my pussy! Please don’t make me have a baby!” Lilith shrieked.

Lilith did not want a half-orc, half-elf baby. The orcs would not accept the offspring and neither would the elves. Lilith had dreamed about the day she would give up her virginity to the elf she married. Already that dream was shattered, pierced and ruined by Vergu’s spearing cock. Now he was going to cum and pollute her pristine body with his filthy sperm. The orcs had violated her at both ends already and now Vergu was going to consummate her with his sperm. He was going to squirt billions of his sperm up inside her and any one of them could make her pregnant. Vergu grunted in victory. He gnawed on the back of her neck.

He then pulled and smashed her breasts until they were almost numb with pain. Vergu fucked her faster and harder until his muscular buttocks was a blur as he rocked her slim frame with savage strokes. His cock was moving no more than a few inches back and forth inside her battered vagina. The friction he was getting from her stretched vagina was bringing his cum scorching up from his balls.

“You love it, Lilith!” he gasped.

He hugged her slender young body so tight against his own that the beautiful elf could barely breathe.

“You are nothing but a cock slut! Elves like you need big orc cocks!” The orc shouted.

Lilith screamed in disgust at Vergu’s words. She then screamed in horror as his cum exploded inside her tiny vagina. Her pussy felt rubbed raw by the rapid friction of his long prick. She could feel his cum squirting up inside her womb. She felt as though she had been polluted with some deadly toxic waste. Vergu’s sperm was so hot and slimy that Lilith’s sleek young body shook with disgust. Her vagina felt like a sponge as it soaked up every drop of Vergu’s horrible sperm. Lilith cried in revulsion. She wished desperately that there was some way she could stop her pussy from absorbing his tainted seed.

Hoping against hope that it would not make a baby up inside her. But hope disappeared when she realized that there were more orcs waiting to fill her full of their sperm. What was worse was that there was nothing she could do to stop the fact that she was soon going to be swimming in sperm. But suddenly she was trembling with another feeling. Her clit had been rubbed too hard for too long for Lilith not to feel something.

Burning pleasure spiked through her brutalized vagina as Vergu’s cum filled her up. Lilith could not keep her sweet young buttocks from jerking back against Vergu’s thrusting cock. She could not stop her pale pink folds from quivering around the thick cock of orc. A glut of sticky sperm rolled down her trembling, luscious thighs. The pleasure was so sudden and unexpected that before Lilith could stop herself, she was gasping with lust and bucking her hips from side to side in a frenzied bump and grind.

“The elf slut is getting off!” One of the orcs shouted.

Lilith glanced around and saw dozens of leering faces. She also saw dozens of hard throbbing cocks. The orc who had taken Clog’s place jerked her face around and rubbed his leaking cock all over her pert nose and full lips. Lilith’s beautiful face was already plastered with cum, and she barely noticed the new coat of sperm the orc was laying on her. His cock wasn’t half the size of Clog’s, and when he stuffed the head between her lips, Lilith sucked him to the base with ease. She even wrapped her lips around the crinkled bag of his balls, almost popping one inside her mouth alongside the orc’s cock.

Vergu’s hard stomach slapped against her lush buttocks with loud smacking noises. The other orcs gathered around and made lewd comments. They shouted about the way Lilith’s sexy and lean thighs shuddered the impact. They mocked her for bucking back against Vergu’s brutal lunges. They laughed at the gooey mix of sperm and vagina juice that soaked Vergu’s cock. The substance which dripped from the gaped folds Lilith’s pussy. Vergu pulled out of Lilith’s vagina and quickly ran around to her face.

The other orc pulled his cock out of her mouth so that Vergu could plunge his sloppy prick between Lilith’s open mouths. Five inches of Vergu’s hideous cock were inside her mouth before the dazed beauty knew what was happening. She gagged and tried to pull her mouth off the disgusting spear of flesh, but it was far too late. Vergu plunged his cock all the way down Lilith’s tight little throat. She choked. She could taste gooey mix of pussy juice and sperm that coated his prick.

Another orc dropped to his knees behind her and plunged his seven-inch cock fully into Lilith’s rapidly shrinking pussy in one swift stroke. Lilith sagged forward and gasped with pain. Suddenly the taste of Vergu’s cock didn’t seem so awful. She sucked it lovingly. The knowledge that his prick was soaked with her pussy juice still made Lilith’s stomach roil with disgust, but the renewed friction against her wriggling clit fogged her head and made her sweet young body burn with passion. She licked and sucked every drop of juice off his thick prick.

And then the other orc was back and Lilith lathered his cock with her pink tongue. She moved her lips up and down his skinny cock. Her cheeks hollowed as she applied suction to his thin cock. She washed his prick with her saliva, swirling her slobber into a tiny whirlpool around the hard rod of his cock. Lilith bucked and twisted against the orc who was using her vagina. His cock was nowhere near as big as Vergu’s. He was also far less expert in its use, but Lilith was on fire now. She squeezed her battered pussy against the plunging cock while she swung her buttocks in a sexy motion.

“She loves it!” An orc shouted.

He jerked one of Lilith’s hands out from under her, and she almost fell. Another orc did the same on her other side. Lilith had to crouch back on her knees and bounce against the cock that was fucking her pussy.

“The dirty little elf loves getting gangbanged! She is getting off thinking about taking us all on!” Another orc yelled.

“She’s got the slutty little body to do it too. With that creamy buttocks and those sexy little breasts, she could turn on an undead!” Vergu said.

“And we have the cocks. Two hundred big hard cocks. All waiting to fuck the shit out of this elf slut.” the orc fucking her said.

He groaned with delight as she bounced up and down on his stiff prick.

Lilith moaned with shame and passion as the orcs talked about her. They cursed her and fucked her helpless, beautiful body. She felt degraded beyond measure by the way her body was responding to the brutal gangbang. But she was also filled with sexual excitement and she was nearing the first orgasm of her life. Just as certain as she was that she would soon have a baby up inside her, she was also certain that she was soon going have an orgasm while they used her. She was totally helpless to stop either thing from happening.

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The Black Professor

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The Black Professor

by Emily Wendling


“The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This story was written for entertainment purposes and for couples that want role-play ideas.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”


Categories: Male on Female (M/F), Interracial (Black Men/White Women-BMWW)

Sex Type: Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing


In the fall of 1960, Marie was a sophomore at California’s most coveted public university. She was studying to be a doctor, when she came across a family friend, Professor Cosby, but she just calls him by his first name Peter. Peter is one of the most renown black history professor at the university. He also chairs the committee for the first African American Studies program. Peter has known Marie since she was a little child. Growing up, she had always been attracted to the Professor, but because of the age difference and race, she never made any advances until now.


Chapter 5


Marie was still glowing in bliss from the wonderful love making session she had with the professor. She sat there and smiled, she could still remember how wonderful it was to have him filled completely with his black cock. She remembered how it was like she and the professor were not two people, but one. It was incredible to have such a thick and long black cock invade her virgin vagina.

She could not believe such a large object could fit in such a tight space. And the feeling, oh the feeling was incredible. Marie leaned back on the sofa and stretched out. She smiled brightly. Her body glowed like that of an angel. She laid there, observing.

“First time in my life being a naughty girl.” Marie giggled.

Marie stood up and then sat back down on her knees on the couch.

“Professor Peter, do you like bad girls? Can you teach me to be really bad?” Marie winked, then smiled at him.

Peter stopped grading his papers and grinned. It had been the most unforgettable afternoon of his entire existence. From the time Marie had descended to her knees and gave him a blowjob under the desk, to watching his own massive cock spreading her pink vagina. It had been one experience after another that he would last forever in his memory. Marie got to her feet as Peter observed her. Her young white athletic body looked like perfection. She then got to her hands and knees and crawled to where Peter was sitting. She looked up at him and he down at her.

“Can I put my mouth on it? Can I taste it again Daddy?” Marie bit her lower lip as she said it and winked at the professor.

This girl is the devil, but I can’t resist! Peter thought to himself.

“Maybe I should be spanked for being so naughty? Maybe I should be punished for wanting your black cock in my mouth?” Marie said in a young sexy voice.

Marie could see Peter’s cock trying to break free from his pants again, the third time this day. She knew his blood was rising and there was no way he would say no. Marie then stood up and bent over the padded arm of the chair and her naked buttocks stuck in the air.

“I have been so naughty, not waiting till marriage like mother wanted. Don’t you think I should spanked?” Marie asked.

Marie stared at the professor innocently. She did her best to stay bent over the armrest yet turned her head to plead to him with her eyes. Peter looked at Marie and felt the urge to punish her. She was astoundingly beautiful to look at. With those big round eyes, the long eye lashes, and firm young body. He used his hand to rub her silky smooth back side. The contrast was striking. His pitch-black hands against her ivory white buttocks. With her buttocks up and inviting, Peter knew that he could not resist her charms. He had to punish her, no matter the consequence. Whatever will be will be.

The professor, being a black man of six foot four, had no problem using both hands to lift Marie up and carried her to the sofa. He placed her facing stomach down onto the sofa arm rest. Peter then moved behind Marie and gazed at her beauty. He felt like a man possessed. She was the sexiest woman in the world even though she was his student.

“If black cock is what you want, black cock is what you shall have.” The professor said.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his big black cock. Marie closed her eyes. She was unsure of what was going to happen next. Then she felt her Peter’s palms against her buttocks.

“You are so beautiful.” He said.

Peter used his thumbs to pry Marie’s buttocks apart. He then he pressed his face into the crevice and stuck his tongue as far out of his mouth as he could. He pushed the tip of his tongue between Marie’s pink vagina and she recoiled a little. Peter could not help but smile.

“You are such a naughty girl!” Peter said.

Marie did not reply verbally. Marie’s vagina was soaking wet. Peter pushed his tongue through her vagina a several times. He tried but he was never quite able to reach Marie’s clit. This was the result of the bent over position she was in. Marie gasped in ecstasy. She tossed her head up as she felt the most wonderful sensation in the world. Peter was tonguing her asshole, using the tip of his tongue to lay moist circles around the entrance to her rear opening.

Peter then glided his tongue against her anus and she trembled. Marie’s face pushed against the sofa’s cushions, the tips of her toes just scarcely touching the floor as she relaxed on the padded arm of the sofa. Peter brought his right hand down to the base of his cock. As he tongued Marie’s anus, he stroked himself lightly. He worked his cock into a full erection. Since she wanted to be punished, he will be more than happy to punish her with a black cock up the ass! The thought alone, made Peter’s cock as hard as steel.

Peter bent his knees so that he would be at the right angle with Marie. He held his cock by the base and place the head of his cock at the entrance to her anus.

“Hold it! That’s the wrong…” Marie protested.

Free to read for Amazon Prime members until October 18th 2017. Click her for link to Amazon.


Jungle Fever

Free to read for Amazon Prime members until October 6th 2017. Click her for link to Amazon.

Jungle Fever

by Emily Wendling


“The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This story was written for entertainment purposes and for couples that want role-play ideas.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”


Categories: Multiple Male on Multiple Female (M+/+F), Forced, BDSM, Bondage, Gangbang, Interracial (Black Men/White Women-BMWW)

Sex Type: Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Cunnilingus, Deepthroat Double Penetration


Laura and Madeleine were two different white women from different sectors of life. They both graduated with Bachelor’s from different universities. Laura married her high school sweetheart and became an office manager. Madeleine became a policewoman and got married also. Little did they know that they had a common interest that cause their lives to intersect.


Chapter 1


Leah could still remember the first time she was taken by a black man. It was a couple of weeks ago, but she could still remember like it was yesterday. The brother’s name was Javorius. Javorius had used his massive cock to stretch her tight pussy. Now, all Leah could think about was his large black cock tearing her again. Javorius had warned her that nothing would be the same after she went black. Leah now knew that to be the truth. She had so many orgasms as the thick black cock pounded her, she could not even count them. Her outlook on life changed with this black man. She no longer wore panty hose. Leah chose instead to wear nylons that would not get between her pussy and future black cocks that wanted to fuck. Leah also left an extra button undone to display perky breasts.

It was 6:30 pm and Leah was hesitant going home. She sat at her office desk staring at her smart phone. She didn’t feel like going home and seeing her husband. She knew he was always horny and wanted to sex. However, after Javorius, small white cocks just would not do. Her husband had never given her an orgasm in all the years they were married. Now with the knowledge of what a big black cock can do, how could she ever go back? The thought of a big black cock using her mouth and pussy brought a smile to her lips.

Leah sighed, it was time to go home to her husband. She got up and walked out of the office and locked the door. Javorius, Jarell, Bam and Kamalei sat in their 86 Buick, waiting in the office parking garage. They smoked weed and waited petulantly for Leah to leave the office. Their Buick parked next to Leah’s car.

“When is the white bitch coming out?” Jarell asked.

He rubbed his crotch as he leaned back in his seat and took another puff.

“Be patient motherfucker. This is my treat, so if you don’t like it you can leave!” Javorius replied.

He was annoyed with Jarell’s complaining. What an ungrateful bastard. This nigger is so fucking ugly he could not get hood rats let alone white chicks. Nigger should be thankful, not complaining, Javorius said to himself.

“I can’t wait to get some white pussy!” Kamalei said excitedly.

“Me too,” Javorius answered.

“I want to fuck the white girl in the ass, never had it before.” Bam said.

Leah’s pulse skipped a beat when she saw the four black men sitting in their Buick, parked next to her car. She was scared, yet aroused at the same time. She knew that they were focused on her as she walked to her car. As she got close to the car, they got out and surrounded her car.

“Can I help you with something?” Leah asked.

She tried to step past Bam to the driver’s door of her car.

“My husband is waiting, I really need to get home.” She said.

The black men jumped on Leah like a pack of lions. They were a smooth, perfectly functioning pack. Leah was grabbed around the waist by Jarell. Bam’s pulled out a rope tied her wrists securely behind her back.

“Gag her mouth with the rag!” Javorius instructed.

Kamalei used the rag to gag Leah. Leah struggled against the black men. She did not scream and had no intention of doing so. She knew she was going to get gangbanged. Leah could not think of anything more exciting or erotic than getting gangbanged by some ghetto thugs. Leah was thrilled. Her mind race through all the possibilities of actions that these black men would make her do. They are going to use her. She could not wait to be used as a sex toy to these thugs. They will make her perform things her prude husband would never engage in.

The black men drove Leah through the city and finally pulled the Buick up to a deserted section 8 housing. The building was an enormous ten story brick building. It had been in disrepair for many years and was condemned. The building was assigned for destruction. It was mostly deserted now. The building was in a rundown area of the city. It was far removed from anyone who might come to Leah’s aid. Even cops would not dare to enter this neighborhood. Leah’s hands were untied but the gag was left in place as she was brought. Leah struggled and kicked as she was dragged into the building.

“Use those ropes to tie the bitch up!” Javorius ordered.

Leah was dragged to a huge room. It was dusty and littered with rubble. Leah scanned the area quickly and her sense of repulsion. She came from upper middle class so she was not used to such a desolate and trashed place. In the center of the room an old dirty mattress laying on top of a metal frame. There was a metal panel protruding from the wall and a long chain with a large studded dog collar.

The black men did not waste time confiscating all of Leah clothes. When she was completely nude, they once again tied her up. Her wrists were bound behind her back and her ankles were tied together. A third length of rope was used to tie her hands to her feet.

“You’ll never get away with this,” Leah said.

The black men ignored her. Javorius pulled his shirt off and threw it on a broken 1970’s TV. He then stepped out of his pants. Inside the room there were other old furniture’s that even thieves did not want. To Leah, it looked like the apartment was abandoned sometime during the seventies. Leah watched the four black men undress and her heart skipped a beat as she knelt on the cement floor. Leah was shocked by what she saw. All four black men had nice big thick cocks hanging between their legs. Leah, after seeing the four large black cocks knew that she would have multiple orgasms before this was through. And knowing that she would soon multiple orgasms made her shiver all over.

“Wow, my first what chick!” Bam said.

Bam stroked his cock as he advanced toward Leah.

“I thought you said you had a white girlfriend?” Jarell said.

“He’s a stupid lying nigger. He ain’t never had a chick of any race, let alone a white one!” Javorius said.

“You keep your hands off me!” Leah shouted.

She struggled against the ropes with all her might.

“Move! I’m the alpha and I get first dibs” Javorius said.

Leah was on her knees with her hands and feet tied. She watched Javorius approach her. Her eyes were soft and hazy as she viewed his king size cock. His cock swung from his body. It sagged down slightly from its own weight. The sight made Leah’s mouth watery.

“Leave me alone!” Leah said.

Leah moved her head and looked away from the thug. Leah saw Javorius’s feet at either side of her knees. When he reached down and cupped her chin in his hand, she did not fight as he raised her face.

“Time to suck whitey,” Javorius said.

The head of his cock was the size of her mouth. It placed itself against her lips. Leah’s tongue sneaked slowly from between her lips and grazed over the smooth head. She closed her eyes. Leah let her tongue dance over his cock. Leah’s full lips parted and she nipped at the tip with her teeth. When Javorius pushed forward a bit, his cock stretched her lips as she accepted his cock into her mouth. Leah looked up as she continued to suck his cock. There was now over four inches of thick black cock in her mouth. That alone was enough to completely fill her mouth with cock. Leah’s tongue ran over the head of his cock each time she sucked it in. Javorius groaned. The end of his cock felt like his cock was in a sauna.

Leah’s tongue was jammed between the cock and the underside of her mouth. Her cheeks were bulging out from the size of the thick black cock. Leah could feel it bump against the back of her mouth and she gagged as it pushed against her throat. She bathed the black cock with her saliva. This made it easier for the black cock to slide between her lips. She could feel it jerking around in her mouth as her tongue ran over the head of the cock.

“Dam, looks like the white bitch is enjoying it!” Jarell said.

“Of course she does! You a stupid nigger? What white girl don’t like black cock?” Javorius snapped.

Ignoring what was happening around her, Leah concentrated all her thoughts on the black cock in her mouth. She tightened her lips around the ridge that separated the head of the cock from the stem and wiggled her tongue against the underside, drawing a tight suction on his cock. Leah had little choice but to suck his cock but she did not mind it. She had always wanted to be taken by a group of black men against her will.

When Javorius started pumping his hips back and forth slowly, she gladly accepted it. Her tongue lashed over his mushroom head as she chewed on the shaft. Leah moaned as she was not concerned about the circumstances she was in. She was just happy that some black men with a big cock was finally getting her to enjoy the pleasures she had denied herself for so long.

Javorius could feel his balls about to explode. Saliva poured out the corners of Leah’s mouth and ran down her chin as she worked her tongue frantically along the underside of Javorius’s cock. Her jaws had begun to ache from being parted so wide and for so long. Leah did not notice the other black men standing around, stroking their cocks. Each of them were waiting impatiently to fuck her mouth, pussy or ass.

“Relax and breathe through your nose.” Javorius said.

His hands gripped Leah tightly on the side of her head. He watched as she hesitantly dropped her hands to her side, her fists clenched in anticipation. Leah felt Javorius’s large black hands grip her head tightly and she knew that she would be powerless to stop him from fucking her face.

She felt her head pushed forward as the cock began to enter her mouth deeper than before. She gagged as the cock pushed against the back of her throat. She gagged again, as Javorius pulled the cock out and then slammed it back in again. Tears began to fall from her eyes as the cock gagged her each time it pushed deep into her mouth. Javorius fucked his cock back and forth faster than before. Leah could hear her own sucking sounds as she swallowed the cock.

The negro cock fucked deep into her mouth. His large mushroom head of the cock smacked against the opening of her throat before he pulled back. Leah’s lips provided a tight seal around the cock. He withdrew his cock until just the very tip of his cock still parted her lips. Then his cock was pushed back into her hot mouth again. The cock pried her jaws open. Her mouth lips formed an oval around his cock.

“Take it white whore!” Javorius said.

Leah tongued the cock faster and sucked even harder. Her head bounced back slightly each time his cock struck the back of her mouth.

“Here it comes!” Javorius yelled.

Leah swallowed the thick sperm on her tongue. The thick white goo spurted from the tip of his cock again and again. It flooded her mouth. With each blast of cum, Leah had another mouthful of sperm to gulp down.

Javorius quivered as he filled her mouth with cum. His hands held a tight grip on her hair as his cock flooded her mouth. Leah felt head of the cock throb with each spurt of cum. It thrilled and amazed her that Javorius had spurted as much cum as he had. When he finally pulled his cock from her mouth, she savored the rich aftertaste of his thick cum.

“Have at it boys,” Javorius said.

The black men went into a frenzy. The rope that held her hands to her feet was untied and she was stretched out on the dirty mattress. Then her feet pushed up to her ass and knees spread so wide her hips hurt. Jarell then dropped on top of her and started fucking his cock into her wet pussy.

“Please…” Leah whispered.

She was not able to finish the sentence as Bam knelt by her head and shoved his aching cock into her mouth. Leah chewed on the thick cock. Leah felt a pat on her head and she turned away from Bam only to find herself staring at Kamalei’s cock. And as she alternated between the cocks, Jarell fucked her tightly tight pussy with all the energy in his body. Jarell grunted each time he pushed his cock deep into the pink vagina. He moved his hands over her breasts. He squeezed them and dug his fingers deep into the soft flesh.

“Dam! White bitches know how to suck cock!” Bam said.

Leah gagged and choked as her throat was forced to take the brutal thrusts of the dueling cocks. The thick cock pushed into the back of her mouth and slowly entering her throat again. The cock did not pull out, but increased the pressure and pushed deeper into Leah’s throat. Leah’s mouth opened wide as she choked and gagged on the cock. Whatever pretense Leah had made of fighting the boys was gone now. She wanted their cocks. Just big black hard cocks in her mouth and pussy.

Jarell groaned in his throat and he fucked harder between Leah’s pussy. His fingers mauled her ass cheeks as he jerked her body up to meet his own thrusts. Then he flooded her pussy with his negro sperm. Leah’s clit was aroused when Jarell squirted his load of cum into her pussy. She wiggled her hips and worked her pussy muscles on the cock as Kamalei fucked his big cock back and forth in her mouth. Leah moaned. She curled her tongue around Kamalei’s cock. She kneaded his hard cock with her soft lips. Her nipples were sending hot waves of pleasure through her body.

Leah squirmed on the mattress. She was so close to another orgasm that nothing was going to stop her. Leah was about to say something, but was silenced when Kamalei pushed his long black cock back into her mouth. Leah was going to tell the black men to fuck harder, but she never got the chance. Kneading Kamalei’s black cock with her mouth, Leah worked on the cock eagerly. She only had to wait for the second eruption to fill her mouth with thick gobs of sperm.

The thug pushed his cock had completely into Leah’s pussy and his balls were warming her tensed and trembling thighs. He fucked her pussy with long and powerful strokes. Leah whimpered and gagged as she sucked with manic intensity on Kamalei’s black cock. Occasionally he would push too far and his cock would smash against the back of her mouth. This caused his cock to almost go down her throat. Each time that happened tears welled in her eyes. Leah had to back away from him as best she could while constantly flicking her tongue over the black cock.

Her heart pounded like a racing engine. Her body felt like every muscle had suddenly withdrawn into a fierce knot. Leah’s orgasmed in multiple waves. Bam’s hard black cock pushed into her pussy relentlessly.

Leah convulsed and twisted as her body exploded from the orgasm. Kamalei pushed his cock harder into her mouth. The head of his cock moved down into her throat. It held there for a couple of seconds and then shot multiple thick jets of white sperm directly into her stomach. Kamalei screamed and grabbed Leah by the hair as he kept spurting into her mouth. He shot multiple loads, one after another, each one slightly less powerful than the one preceding. Finally, when every drop of sperm was used to fill Leah’s mouth, he pulled his cock out.

Leah’s head was still whirling and she was ambiguously aware of Bam pushing and pulling between her legs. Her clit had exploded with such unbelievable force that she nearly fainted. Only the cum on her tongue reminded her of Kamalei’s cock. When Bam shot his load of cum in her pussy, she heard his screams of passion and felt him sucking on her nipples. Leah fainted with her hands and feet still bound by ropes. Javorius and his thugs were dressed and ready to hit the road again as they looked at Leah, who was still sleeping on the mattress.

“What if she calls the cops? You know what the police do to black men who sleep with white women?” Bam said.

“Na, don’t worry, she liked it too much to call the cops,” Javorius said.

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Pride and Prejudice and Punishment

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Pride and Prejudice and Punishment

by Emily Wendling


“The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This story was written for entertainment purposes and for couples that want role-play ideas.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”


Categories: Multiple Male on Multiple Female (M+/F+), Forced, BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Gangbang, Spanking, Virgin, Water Torture, Whipping, Lesbian, Pain, Historical

Sex Type: Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Cunnilingus, Deepthroat Double Penetration, Masturbation 


Chapter 2


Sarah got up off the table and turned to Mr. Darcy.

“So, what happens now?” She said.

Mr. Darcy pulled his young bride close to him and his penis pushed the white lace of her dress between her legs. Elizabeth almost fainted. She was still utterly confused, the remains of her wedding day bliss still hanging on. But the grim reality was irrefutable. Her husband dragged her around the still kneeling Emily toward the table.

“What are you doing, Fitzwilliam?” Elizabeth whispered, sudden terror rising in her.

“I am going to make sure you know your place,” said Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth gasped. She tried to keep her dignity, turning to her husband.

“Release me,” she said urgently.

“This marriage is over. I’m going to get an annulment. I am not going to be married with a cheater like you.”

She struggled and tried to get away, but his grip on her arm was too strong and he effortlessly swung her around until she was almost forced to sit on the table.

“Don’t, you’re hurting me. Let me go!” she yelled.

Mr. Darcy laughed and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back. In front of her, she saw that Emily had peeled her panties off and Sarah had almost got one of her stockings down to her ankle. Finally, Elizabeth realized the desperate position she was in.

“I will scream,” she said.

Elizabeth’s hair almost pulled out of her head as she struggled.

Emily stuffed her panties into Elizabeth’s protesting mouth. Elizabeth almost threw up because of the smell of Emily’s vagina floated into her nostrils. She spluttered helplessly. Sarah came and tied the white stocking around Elizabeth’s face, knotting it behind her head. The panties were held snug and it was all Elizabeth could do to breathe. She stared at Mr. Darcy, tears rolling down her face, her whole world shattered. He turned her and held her arms behind his back.

Elizabeth struggled and protested. She gazed angrily as Sarah came forward and slowly undid the top button of her white bridal dress. She screamed at the top of her lungs, but the panties muffled the sound and only a strange gurgle came out. Sarah grinned and undid the next button. Elizabeth’s chest heaved as she struggled, but Mr. Darcy was strong as he brutally wrenched her arms back, pushing her breasts out even farther.

Sarah slithered the top of Elizabeth’s white dress open. That did not yet reveal her breasts. Sarah was playing with the frightened bride. She opened her inch by inch to their lascivious gazes. The next button came undone. Elizabeth moaned and wrenched her body as hard as she could, but nothing broke Mr. Darcy’s iron grip. Sarah slid the lacy sides of her dress apart and finally the clasp of Elizabeth’s little white bra was exposed. Sarah smiled again, her finger on the next button.

“Let’s see these precious things,” she taunted Elizabeth.

She parted the next button and now only the fragile material of the bra protected Elizabeth’s innocent breasts. Sarah spread the dress until she could run her hands over the bra. She played with the clasp between Elizabeth’s swelled breasts. Abruptly, she undid the clasp and Elizabeth broke into hysterical floods of tears. Her luscious young breasts jumped out of the bra, and Sarah eased the bra and her dress aside until they were totally open.

“Wow,” said Emily.

She reached in and twisted Elizabeth’s nipple. Elizabeth’s breasts were indeed wonderful. The swelled breasts had only a slight curve to the underside and the nipples were tiny and pink. Elizabeth’s nipples stood out in the cold room and Emily ran her fingers over them, urging them to stand out more. She twisted Elizabeth’s nipples hard and the young girl moved back against her husband.

He held Elizabeth’s wrists effortlessly in one hand and leaned over her shoulder. His hard fingers played with her breasts. He held them and tested how they felt. He took one nipple between his fingers and tightened his grip, slowly, relentlessly until his bride was screaming into the panties that blocked her mouth and her body shook with the pain.

He let go unexpectedly, then spun Elizabeth around and shoved her face down over the table. Elizabeth’s head was clouded with pain and shame. She could not believe that she was about to experience the same treatment as Emily had got.

His hand pinned her to the table by the small of her back. She felt the rough wood of the table on her breasts. Suddenly she felt hands tying a rope around her ankles and securing it to the leg of the table. Then she felt hands move up her leg. She screamed again into the gag. She wriggled on the table, but the hands reached her knee and put another stocking around it.

Then she felt her dress being lifted until it was clear of her knees. Elizabeth moaned as the stocking held her knee to the table leg and she was rendered helpless. The two girls moved to her other ankle, securing another stocking around it.

Horror filled Elizabeth. Then she felt the hard leather of Mr. Darcy’s belt going around her other knee. As the girls tightened it. This forced Elizabeth’s thighs wider apart. She panted at the realization that her virgin vagina would be open and vulnerable to their depraved actions. She tried to yell, but Mr. Darcy held her down, and it was clear that he was by no means finished with her.

“Keep her down,” he said.

The two girls came around and held Elizabeth. Sarah pushed down on her shoulders and Emily held her by the hair. Elizabeth sensed thin leather thongs being secured around her thumbs and then down her fingers, each in turn, until her arms were helpless as well as her legs.

“This should do it, go get the carrot.” said Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth did not understand, but she heard Sarah’s movements as she hurried away. Emily took her hair and pulled Elizabeth’s face up to her.

“You will get your punishment now,” she said, and her hands roved over Elizabeth’s breasts.

Elizabeth tried to withdraw her breasts away from Emily, but the girl just laughed at her and slapped her across the face.

“Oh behave,” she said.
Emily held Elizabeth’s hair while she slapped her again. Elizabeth heard Mr. Darcy come back into the room, and suddenly he stood in front of her, a long thin wooden rod in his hand.

“Now, Elizabeth, you see this stock?” Mr. Darcy said.

He waved it in Elizabeth’s face.

“I’m going to spank you with this until you agree to come downstairs with us, say farewell to all your guests and we make sure they go. So, all you must do is gesture us, real hard so we know. Understand?” Mr. Darcy said.

Elizabeth gazed at her husband, then at the cane. Her stomach twisted with fear. He was going to spank her with that thin wood, but she would never give in.

“Oh well, guess we will have to do it the hard way” said Mr. Darcy.

He walked around the table. Elizabeth found herself tensed for the agony she knew was coming. Mr. Darcy bent down and slowly lifted the hem of her dress up over her knees, his hands running over her buttocks.

Elizabeth moaned and struggled on the table, but he continued. He pulled the dress up, over her stocking tops and then tossed it over her buttocks and onto her back. Her butt cheeks were totally revealed, and with her thighs so spread out, her vagina was also open to him.

“I got it, I got two hands.” said Emily.

Emily reached over Elizabeth’s shoulders and grabbed the hem of the wonderful bridal gown. She pulled it up until it was over Elizabeth’s head, and Emily could hold it and Elizabeth together.

“She is good to go.” Emily said.

Elizabeth sighed. She tried to push the panties in her mouth out so that she could scream for help. But it was not very successful. The panties managed to block her mouth very efficiently. Then Elizabeth really did scream. The most unbearable pain broke across her stretched buttocks. Mr. Darcy had hit the thin cane over them and the sound echoed around the room. Elizabeth jumped on the table, her mouth wide as she screamed into the gag.

He swung his hand down again and Elizabeth rolled on the table. Tears flooded down her cheeks and staining around her face. Each stroke of the cane on her helpless buttocks doubled the anguish. Elizabeth’s sheltered life did not know pain like that existed. It burned out of her tight cheeks. Her thin white panties were no protection at all from the furious spanking. Another stroke laid an additional line of red pain across her flesh, and her head twisted in agony.

“Let us know when you are ready to cooperate,” said Mr. Darcy as the thin rod spanked his bride’s innocent flesh.

Elizabeth screamed as the pain soared from her buttocks and up into her body. Her lungs were sore from screaming, and her stomach twisted in knots that threatened to drive her insane with terror. Mr. Darcy spanked her ass, his arm swung high in the air before it came crashing down. It laid extra lines of red flesh into her ass.

“Ready to cooperate?” he asked.

Elizabeth could not reason anymore. The pain and humiliation she was suffering had driven all of that out of her mind. Her hair hurt as Emily held her down on the table, but that was the least of her pain. Her buttocks were on fire. Each stroke was like an explosion, surging over her helpless body. She knew she would faint if it went on much longer.

Mr. Darcy was an expert. He knew how much she could take. His strokes became slower, but harder. He allowed his young wife a few seconds to recover before spanking her again. Elizabeth struggled, but nothing could stop the cruel beating. Somehow, she was aware that Sarah had come back into the room.

“I had to tell everyone that the innocent bride was fixing her hair and would be down soon.” Sarah said.

“Ready to cooperate?” Mr. Darcy yelled.

The thin rod smack into Elizabeth’s buttocks again. The agony erupted and Elizabeth gasped for air as she screamed. But, somehow, it cleared her head. She would nod, nod as hard as they wanted. Then, when they got downstairs, it would be simple. She would run to her mother and the nightmare would be over.

“Nod!” Mr. Darcy yelled as he spanked his wife again.

Elizabeth nodded. She pulled her head against Emily’s grip on her hair. She nodded as hard as she could. She bobbed her head up and down.

“Was that yes?” Mr. Darcy said.

Elizabeth bobbed her head up and down again, kept on until the cane stopped hitting her buttocks and Mr. Darcy stepped back satisfied.

“Wonderful,” he said.

He grabbed Elizabeth’s hair in his hands.

“Now, don’t think I am so stupid as to think you will keep to that.” He was grinning all the time.

He knew Elizabeth was feisty and clever. She would come up with a scheme to escape.

“As soon as we are downstairs, you will run to that mother of yours, screaming about how your husband is an animal and you want to go home.” He laughed into Elizabeth’s frightened face.

“However, I have something here to persuade you not to.” He said.

He took out a thick carrot and Elizabeth felt herself cringing in new fear. It was nearly as big as Mr. Darcy’s real penis. Elizabeth bursts into fresh tears. Sarah pulled her panties aside. She moved her fingers in search for the virgin entrance to Elizabeth’s pussy. Elizabeth screamed and shouted at her husband, but it did not do any good. He held her while his friend slid her finger around the tight entrance to Elizabeth’s vagina.

“She is bone dry,” said Sarah.

“Give her a chance. She will get wet soon,” said Mr. Darcy.

Sarah laughed and her finger pushed inside the tight vagina. Elizabeth struggled as Sarah shoved hard and forced her way in. The pain surged from the walls of her virgin pussy. It was not as bad as the pain of the whip, but the humiliation more than made up for it. Elizabeth felt Sarah force her finger in until she came up against the tight skin of Elizabeth’s virginity.

“She is a virgin for sure,” said Sarah.

Elizabeth knew she was going to be sick. He was threatening to push that terrible carrot into her ass? The man was utterly crazy. Why did she agree to marry him? Why could she not see the danger signs?

“Yes,” said Mr. Darcy.

“I would rather not spoil the cherry.” He said.

He left his weeping bride and went over to where leather straps lay on the floor. He came back, attaching the carrot to a cup in the straps.

“You’ll wear this when we go downstairs.” He said.

He presented Elizabeth the terrible thing again.

“If you do anything to spoil our farewells, then I will shove this up your ass.” He said.

Elizabeth’s stifled pleas for mercy were no use at all. Elizabeth thought about her situation, she screamed and passed out.

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Space Academy

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Space Academy

by Emily Wendling


“The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This story was written for entertainment purposes and for couples that want role-play ideas.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.”


Categories: Multiple Male on Female (M+/F), Forced, BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Gangbang, Spanking, Virgin, Water Torture, Whipping, Lesbian, Pain, Military

Sex Type: Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Cunnilingus, Deepthroat Double Penetration, Masturbation 


In the year 2525, after mankind has been able to colonize the milky galaxy. A border world on the edge of the galaxy, known as Kateric, is the first line of defense against pirates and alien races. To provide this defense, they need the best pilots in the universe. They created the Space Academy. Here, they sent their best students, academically and physically fit, to study and become pilots in their ongoing struggles to keep the peace.

Ann Radcliffe, one of the brightest to join the academy is excited. She always wanted to become a fighter pilot and join the famed Delta Squadron, in its fight to secure peace in the sector. However, Ann learns that everything at Space Academy is not all as it seems.


Chapter 1


The flight instructor was such a dream. Ann Radcliffe fantasized what it would be like to have his body wrapped tight around her young body. His chest, pressed her perky breasts between their bodies. Ann trembled uncontrollably and felt her body becoming weak. Ann shut her eyes, and it was as if only her and the flight instructor was in the room. Ann shook wildly, her mind pretended his thick cock erect and aimed directly at her vagina. In her world, Ann felt her pussy burn with desire. Ann slowly move back and forth on her chair. She tried not to be noticed. Ann listen to the instructor’s speech, but her real focus was somewhere else. She silently moved her hand up and under her dress below the desk. Ann discovered an area of wetness that covered her panties. Her fingers moved between silky skin and the flexible band around her leg. Ann instantly arrived at the aroused pussy.

Ann trembled and tried to avoid being noticed as she pushed her fingers deep into her soaked vagina. The sensation from the fingers was almost enough to provide her with an orgasm. Ann could not understand why she was unable to control herself. The other students in this Space Academy must have noticed, she thought. Yet, everyone continued focus on the instructor. Maybe they are just too embarrass to say anything. Maybe that is the real reason, Ann thought.

Ann Radcliffe was not a stunner by any means. Most would consider her just a plain jane. However, she had the girl next door look down to perfection. Ann had beautiful brown eyes and straight light brunette hair to match. Ann was not tall, she barely made the height requirement. It was extremely tough for female cadets at this Space Academy, because the ratio of male to female was four to one. Many of the females at this school had to spend much of their time to defend against the advances of the male cadets, and she was no exception.

Ann’s breasts were firm and perky, they pressed tightly against the soft fabric of her uniform. Her uniform wrapped tight around her body, it accentuated her thin, but athletic body. Such perfection was always on the mind of the male cadets. The perfume she wore did not help to repel the men either. Matter of fact, it did the opposite. Even though Ann was not the prettiest girl, she had one of the most fantastic figure. Wherever Ann walked, eyes shadowed her.

The movement of her body underneath her dress was more than enough to place smiles on all the men at the Space Academy. Ann was the perfect representation of feminineness. Ann was a smart girl, she knew the attributes she had and many times she would flaunt it to her advantage. It made her smile, knowing that if she really needed something and she could not get it, she could always resort to using her feminine qualities to get it. To her, men were too easy to manipulate.

Ann did not really care for the other cadets. They were close to her in age, but she thought of them as immature and absent world experience. They were not like the flight instructor, Captain Shoemaker. The flight instructor was six feet five, athletically built, and dreadfully handsome. Ann could not keep herself from dreams about love with the Captain. Ann sensed her vagina shudder with even more lust at the thought of his long, powerful cock that would push itself into her pussy.

Ann pressed her fingers deeper into her pussy, as deep as it would go. Ann started to push and pull inside her vagina until she was unable to sit still on the seat any longer. She groaned and bit her lower lip to keep from making any noise. Her fingers pushed in and out of her vagina until she could barely control herself. Ann stopped to use her thumb to pleasure her clit. Her clit responded wildly to her dreams of the Flight Instructor Captain Shoemaker’s forceful thrusts. The lightest of touches was enough to send whirlwind of pleasure tearing through her tight young body.

She motioned in and out, faster and faster. The lust inside her grew. When the orgasm arrived, she had to use all her self-control to not make any ruckus. Someway, Ann managed to remain judiciously quiet. Ann then opened her eyes and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Flight instructor Shoemaker stared at her with an inquisitive look on his face, Ann figured he might have noticed, but the captain never interrupted the class. Ann moved her finger back to her vagina and slowly finger fucked herself. The sensation was not anywhere near as powerful as caressing her clit, but it will do. Ann did not want to repeat the orgasm. Next time, she was sure she would not be able to control herself and would cause everyone to notice.

“I hope all of you paid attention. Remember, it is life and death out in space,” the flight instructor said.

“Dismissed,” the flight instructor said, he shut his book and proceeded to exit the room.

Ann remained in her seat, still dizzy from the orgasm. She tried to recover the excitement and remember what was taught in class. She stared at her flight book, it did not help her any. It was pretty much blank of today’s lessons. Ann had no recollection what the lesson had even been about, she had been so enveloped up in her masturbation as she dreamed about her flight instructor. Ann carefully removed her finger from her vagina and wipe the juices off on her uniform. The air circulating through the classroom quickly cooled and dried it for her.

“Ann?” a cautious voice called out to her.

Surprised, Ann stared up and saw John Colvin. The young cadet appeared nervous. She wondered what he wanted.

“Hello, John. What’s new?” Ann responded cheerfully.

“Well, I am trying to join Delta Squadron. I am sure you have heard that they are the best squadron in the fleet. They just happen to be here recruiting at this academy. They are having a get together with recruits and I was wondering if you would like to come with me. Who knows, maybe they will want you on the squad too!”

Ann thought about it. The reputation of Delta Squad was well renown. Being on their radar would be good for her, and if they pick her it would do wonders for her career. However, why was John asking her?

“Let me think about it, I have so much on my plate.” Ann said.

“Sure, Ann, I know you are trying to be top of the class and get into a good squad. That is why I am asking, you and me, we can both be on their radar at the same time.” John said.

Ann unintentionally peeked at his crotch and saw the bulge. She laughed silently. Did he happen to notice what she did earlier? She thought herself. Ann blushed in embarrassment.

“You seem like a gentleman, why not.” Ann said.

Maybe if she led him on, he would put in praises for her. Ann hated herself that she had to trick the poor guy along like this. Maybe this is how she got the reputation big cock teaser at the Space Academy. Ann just could not control herself when guys made it this easy. Ann got off her seat and made a big point to brush herself against John’s crotch. Ann sensed his cock began to grow in excitement. She simply could not walk away. John was not super handsome, but he was cute. Besides, Ann wanted John to understand that she could make him do whatever she wanted him to do.

“John, I will definitely be there,” she replied.

Ann spoke in the most soft and sexy voice. She also added a sexy smile to the conversation to drive him crazy. Ann could see that John was about to lose self-control. She rubbed her buttocks against his crotch again as she walked away.

“Let’s go somewhere private and discuss this.” Ann said.

Ann allowed her beautiful brown eyes to drift downward. Then she quickly stared him straight in the eye. She licked her moist lips. Ann gave him all the signals that she was as horny as John was. Because of her earlier fantasy of the flight instructor, Ann was. The thought of Captain Shoemaker engaged in physical with her had made her virgin pussy shiver with desire.

“When is this gathering?” She said.

Ann had fun with John. She loved to tease men, and John would be no exception. But somehow the emotions of lust started to grow inside her. Her vagina was filled with desire again, but it was a dissimilar kind of desire now. She knew that she could make him do anything she wanted. Ann had girl power. John shadowed her like a lost puppy. Ann pushed him behind the academy building, just off the packed walkway busy with cadets go to and from their programs. Ann made sure that her hand accidently rubbed across his crotch again. That kept John excited and delirious.

“Those officers are looking to recruit the best of the best. They want to put us through a few tests to see if we have the right stuff.” John said.

“What sort of test?” Ann replied.

“Who knows. I am just a cadet like you. But I heard it was really intense.” Said John.

“As intense as being here with me?” Ann placed a kiss on John’s cheek.

John was at a loss for words. He’s sure that she was in love with him. Her hands coasted around his waist and pulled him closer to her. His body pressed against her perky breasts. Her nipples growing erect. Ann’s legs moved apart as if in offer to John. She immediately pushes John back.

“Somewhere else! Someone might see us here!” She whispered.

“Who cares! Let’s just do it!” John screamed.

“John! Control yourself! We will both get kicked out of the academy if someone sees us.” Ann looked at him sternly.

Ann let her voice trail off, however, she continued to rhythmically squeeze his cock with her hand. She could feel it beat harder and harder. She figured it would only be a few seconds before he spilled in his pants. Ann knew exactly what she was up to, and she smiled at her skills.

“You are such a dream; your smell is driving me crazy. It is so fresh and alluring ” John said.

John buried his face in Ann’s hair and began to kiss. She could feel John’s mouth move down the side of her head and came closer to her ear. John then started to nibble on her earlobe. Ann trembled. Her ears were particularly sensitive. The hot breath on that surface made her weak all over. Her vagina began to heat up. When John’s teeth lightly nibbled at her earlobe, she almost climaxed. The sexual tensions inside her were on the rise again. Her clit needed some attention. So, she moved her hand under her uniform and pressed her finger against her clit. The orgasm was instantaneous.

“Oh, my God!” she cried out.

John instantly forced his mouth against hers for a deep, passionate kiss. Ann wanted to scream on top of her lungs. When orgasm had passed, she managed to whisper in his ear.

“You were awesome John!”

“It is my turn! No one will see us. I promise!” he said.

Johns adamant hands pulled at her uniform, lifting it. Ann pushed his hand away.

“NO!” she shouted.

“Hey, you are the one who started it!” Bill said frustrated.

“Control yourself!” She responded.

Ann was just teasing him. She was horny herself. Her power to manipulate John was alcoholic. Besides, he was going to introduce her to one of the most elite fighter squadron in this sector. Ann had always wanted to join them for the longest time. She could see John was frustrated.

“Hmmm,” she said, teasing him.

“Maybe we can do something” Ann whispered into his ear.

A huge smile almost swallowed up John’s face. Ann was aroused, she adored the feel of his large body against her. Her breasts were flattened by his broad, brawny chest. His strong arms pinned her more slender ones to her sides. The way his body moved left little to the imagination. He was just inches away from penetrating her. Ann was conflicted, she wanted to have some fun, but not go all the way.

She had to slow the situation down fast. Under usual conditions, Ann would have walked away from the situation and left John standing there. He would end up with blue balls, but that would not have concerned her. Ann was not responsible for a grown man who could not control himself. For some reason, today was different. Maybe because earlier Ann had fantasied about how great Flight Instructor Shoemaker would be making love to her, and she brazenly had masturbated in class. Maybe, she was still aroused from that situation and needed some release.

Ann was a virgin, but that does not mean she was ignorant in the ways of the world. She understood how much men loved having their cocks sucked. Especially from all the stories her girlfriends have told her. Ann’s hands worked between their bodies until she could run the fly down on John’s jeans. She then found herself holding a smooth hard cock. Ann clasped down on it and began stroking, wanting to jerk him off. That would cool him down.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off.” John muttered.

“No!” she replied.

“You want this as much as I do.” He said.

“How about a blowjob instead? Since you have such a beautiful cock.” She said.

Ann caressed along the length of his pulsing cock. She moved the foreskin back and exposed the head. She could not control her own rampaging emotions. She was horny, and her mouth started to water. John’s hard body turned her on more than she was willing to admit. Ann then bent down and moved within inches of the beautiful cock.

Ann pressed forward, she swallowed his entire cock into her mouth and sucked like her life dependent on it. His reaction was so strong she concluded he was going to cum immediately. She could taste the precum as it flowed from his cock. She began sucking harder and harder on the very tip of his cock. John lost control and rammed his cock deep into her mouth, touching the back of her throat. Ann immediately pushed him back and took control of the situation. Ann’s tongue moved around the head of his cock, she teased and tormented him. Her breath, hot and moist. Her nostrils flared. She could hardly control her breathing pattern. John pulled out and pushed back into her mouth, his cock slid smoothly between her lips and over her tongue.

It was no longer an act, Ann was really into moment. She wanted to take the cock as far into her mouth as possible, maybe even down her throat. Ann sucked so hard her cheeks went hollow, then she applied her tongue to his cock. The tongue bath Ann provided made the John wriggle and tremble. John squealed and tried to keep from making a peep. The last thing in the world the two of them wanted was to attract attention of the other cadets.

“AAAGGGG, GGUULLPP,” was the only noise that came from Ann’s mouth. She felt John push into her throat, and her gag muscles grasped.

“Let me cum in your mouth.” John pleaded.

Ann continued to stroke his cock as she slobbered on it.

“Holy shit! Ann, I can’t stand that! Your tongue is too much!”

John did not want the blowjob to end. Ann continued to swirl her soft and beautiful pink tongue around the tip of his cock. Ann bobbed her head up and down on his large cock. She impaled her face on his cock as fast and hard as possible then withdrew. Somehow this made her pussy drenched with juice. She placed his hard cock on her tongue so that it would rub the entire distance as his cock pushed into her mouth. Ann never let up on the suction. John loved having the little virgin mouth wrapped around his cock. It was heaven.

Ann continued sucking as she moaned around hard cock in her mouth. Ann wanted to tell John how wonderful he tasted. She wanted to tell him how much she was enjoyed this too. However, she did not want him to have the upper hand. It was the last thing in the world Ann wanted. Ann continued to move her face on and off the uncircumcised cock. Drool flowed around his cock and down her chin. Her tongue moved around the most sensitive portions of the cock.

“Keep your mouth open!” John demanded.

John shot his first spurt of cum directly into her throat. He pulled out a little and shot the second squirt directly onto her tongue. Ann felt the cum splash against her tongue. She almost gagged. It tasted heavy and salty. She did not want to swallow it. Ann opened her mouth again, she prepared for another serving of his cum. She caressed his cock harder. The beautiful brunette watched as his cock again spurt straight for her mouth. She felt the thick hot cum land on her tongue and she closed her mouth on it. She sucked and sucked until his cock was totally drained. Ann allowed his cock to slide out from between her lips. Her hand slowed down. She squeezed his cock as it slowly began to get soft. The cum sat in her mouth, hot and heavy. She swallowed it. She did not like the taste of it. Ann licked her crimson lips, then straightened up to look at John.

Ann stared at John then smiled.

“Better zip up before they arrest you for indecent exposure.” She said.

John laughed and bungled around chaotically as he tried to put his pecker back into his pants and zip it up. Men are so easy, Ann thought to herself.

“Unbelievable! Ann, that was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. Your mouth is perfect!” He said.

“Anything for a stud like you,” she fibbed.

John’s ego shot through the roof.

“I’ll text you before picking you up?”

“That is fine,” Ann said stroking along his crotch again. She smiled to herself.

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